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Juda Engelmayer 5WPRJuda Engelmayer, 5WPR Senior Vice President

Juda S. Engelmayer is a Senior Vice President overseeing the corporate, crisis and advocacy groups. Having served as an executive vice president for media, marketing and public relations at a national food relief organization operating in 44 states and over 6000 communities, he ran every aspect of marketing, from social media and email campaigns to public relations and crisis communications.

Juda Engelmayer’s experience in media, communications, crisis communications, and public affairs are put to work at the firm. He oversees a host of corporate, political, advocacy and policy groups and individuals in national and international arenas. He handles public campaigning for clients, direct advocacy and positioning, and a team handling issues of current public debate, as well as issue oriented corporate, financial, and philanthropy related matters.

Prior to 5WPR, he served as the American Jewish Congress’ Chief Communications Officer where he established himself as a key player in building the stature of the 87 year old agency. Previously, he was a VP at Rubenstein Associates, a New York based PR firm, where he handled accounts spanning foreign governments, entertainment, non profits, healthcare and medical research clients.

Juda Engelmayer began his career as an executive assistant and assistant press secretary to H. Carl McCall, the New York State Comptroller, where he handled media and communications matters, and was part of the campaign process that saw the first ever NY Statewide elected African American elected two times. In his spare time he helps his wife run their 80 year old bialy bakery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.