July 24, 2024

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How to Stand Out At a Trade Show with Public Relations Tactics

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Trade shows can be a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from exciting to daunting at the same time. In a sea of competitors clamoring for attention, many companies tend to wonder how they can make their brands shine. Sure, dazzling booth designs and giveaways may draw the crowds, but it’s carefully thought-out PR tactics that really carry the company above the noise and bridge the gap to the perfect audience

Cultivating excitement

Don’t let the show floor be the company’s debut. Start the drumroll months ahead by crafting a PR tactic and campaign that spells out the company’s ambitions, target demographic, and core messages. Remember, pre-show buzz is the spark that lights up the company’s presence.

Increase the publicity

Declare the company’s participation with pride. Craft gripping press releases showcasing new products, services, or stories relevant to the industry. Pitch to journalists and bloggers, offering exclusive interviews or product previews to whet their appetite. Don’t overlook local media as they can be invaluable in reaching the target crowd within the show’s location.

Social media

Design an event-specific PR tactic and campaign on each social media channel. Tease exclusive previews of the booth, orchestrate contests and giveaways with pertinent hashtags to ramp up the excitement, and chime in on industry discussions. The goal is to generate intrigue and anticipation, so be enlightening, engaging, and visually captivating.

Influencer collaboration

Teaming up with industry influencers can magnify a company’s reach enormously. Find influencers whose ethos matches the brand and target audience. Give them early access to previews, host joint events, or coordinate on social media drives to tap into their existing networks and credibility.

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Email outreach

Don’t let the loyal audience feel left out. Segment the email subscribers and send personalized messages about the company’s trade show participation. Underline the unique selling points, address their concerns, and use a compelling call to action to invite them to the booth.

Booth design and engagement

First impressions matter, so invest in a visually appealing and interactive booth that embodies the brand ethos. Shun formulaic displays and choose dynamic elements like live demos, product experiences, or playful activities to break the ice and convert passive onlookers into active participants.

Empower the team

The booth staff are the PR frontline. Arm them with in-depth product familiarity, solid communication skills, and a charming demeanor. Train them to be welcoming, answer queries confidently, and engage in authentic conversations that go beyond mere sales pitches.


Yes, giveaways still work, but it’s time companies drop the generic swag. A great PR tactic is to offer branded items that are practical, relevant to the audience, and subtly echo the brand message. Consider reusable water bottles, phone chargers, or branded notebooks which are all items that attendees will actually use and potentially become walking billboards for the brand.

Building relationships

Trade shows aren’t just about racking up leads. It’s an opportunity to build connections that can blossom into fruitful partnerships. Proactively identify key industry figures, journalists, and potential clients the company wants to link with. Set up meetings beforehand or approach them organically at the event.

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