April 21, 2024

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The Perfectly Optimized Press Release

optimized press release

Crafting the perfectly optimized press release might be a challenge, but with the right knowledge, it can be easily accomplished. In today’s daunting digital world, crafting a strong message while also presenting optimized material – is key to your success.

Determine your Goal

Before writing the press release, it is recommended that the writer determine the goals or reasons for creating an optimized press release. Examples of goals for a press release include driving traffic, building branding, developing leads or creating direct sales.

Research your Material

Once the goal is determined, the writer should conduct extensive research for the on-page keywords to include in the press release. Better keywords will improve the search engine optimization of the press release. Once the research is complete, the top two or three keywords should be used in the press release. Using more than three keywords in a press release might diminish the optimization.

When developing a list of keywords, it would be wise to consider the search engine keywords that consumers utilize, instead of the keywords that are simply industry-related rhetoric. The two or three target keywords should be used in several places in the press release. The title or headline of the press release, which should be under 75 characters, should include the relevant keywords.

Crafting your Message

The introductory paragraph, or the first one hundred words, should feature the prominent keywords. The writer should also place the keywords throughout important areas in the press release and in the URL. The proper placement of targeted keywords in a press release is paramount to achieving the best search engine optimization.

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Once the keyword optimization is complete, then the writer should include a direct hyperlink to the website of the business or organization featured in the press release. These links can drive website traffic. A good rule of thumb is to limit the external links. Short press releases should only contain one link. Press releases longer than 500 words might contain two or more links. The links should also be inserted on relevant keywords.

Enhance your Release

Rich media (including images, audio and video) adds to the overall optimization of the press release. Rich media tends to achieve better click-through rates and higher search engine rankings.

The quality of the content in the press release will also achieve better optimization. The text, a minimum of 300 words in a press release, should feature original high-quality information that is extraordinary and unique for the target audience. Contact information should also be included. The press release should also include a relevant summary that is less than 20 words.