April 21, 2024

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How to Encourage People to Drink Up for Profits

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In a market growing crowded with microbrews, specialty drinks and endless new brands seeking market share, food and beverage PR has become a moving target. Ronn Torossian and 5W Public Relations, a finalist for public relations agency of the year manages several high-profile food and beverage PR clients and continues to bring them success even as the market expands. To accomplish this, Ronn Torossian recommends a multifaceted approach to food and beverage public relations.


Giving people a taste is a great way to get them to take a risk on an unknown quantity. It takes the “maybe” out of the equation by eliminating the down side. Don’t like it? No problem, try another. We know you will find something you like. And one of the great things about the tasting process is that, as it continues, your customer is more predisposed to buy. You may sample ten items, and they may only buy one. But that is one more than they would have bought. Best of all, your customer already knows he or she will like it, prompting them to buy more or at least mentally prepare to come back and get more at a later date. So, in essence, you are not selling one drink, you are creating perpetual sales.

Niche pairings

For most people, they like to drink what tastes good, no matter what it is supposed to “go with.” But this does not mean you can’t create certain niche pairings to help promote less popular products. Businesses can increase overall sales by encouraging customers to try less favorable products in conjunction with popular products. This need not end with pairings of food and alcohol. Specials can be designed to pair various alcohols to create entirely new drinking experiences for customers.

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Using tech at the table

One of the latest growing trends in the restaurant biz is using iPad to help customers order beverages. Using apps similar to one called WiNEPAD, diners can view the wine list and order directly at the tableside or bar. This saves time and keeps the drinks flowing, something every restaurant loves to see.

Torossian says the bottom line here is that effective food and beverage PR will create new expectations, introduce new products without asking for a commitment, and make it easier for customers to choose and consume your products. Work each of these aspects well and you will find success in your food and beverage PR efforts.