April 20, 2024

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5 Vine Tips to Help your Brand Strategy


It may seem funny to start a blog piece about Vine with talking about Youtube, but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. For one thing, Youtube is the forerunner of Vine, as the first social media venue making use of video clips. For another thing, in attempting to define Vine, a short analysis of Youtube and how it differs from Vine can offer a better understanding of their respective uses. Vine does not, in any way, shape, or, form, obviate the need for Youtube.

Recently, the car donation charity, Kars for Kids, made some creative use of Youtube to enhance the effect of unsolicited celebrity endorsements for the famous Kars4Kids jingle. The creative team at this nonprofit filmed a sock puppet show against a red curtain backdrop to discuss endorsements of the jingle in a way that would be appealing to both young and old. One video ran just over a minute, with the second video lasting just 2 minutes. That’s fairly standard as far as Youtube clips go. Any longer and you lose your audience, though you can find much longer clips, and even full-length movies.

But Vine is a different animal altogether. You get just 6 seconds.  This new video clip phenomenon forces users to be extra creative because even more than for a Youtube clip, every second counts. That necessity for creativity extends to finding appropriate uses for this application. Here are some tips and tricks for using Vine to best advantage:


Vine can be used to tempt and tease users into wanting to know more. You could conceivably make a Vine clip about a longer Youtube clip, to offer a bit of an introduction to the subject and pique the interest of your potential viewers. Are you adding a new feature to the services you offer? Make a Vine teaser on the subject. It’s cheaper and probably has much more “oomph” than receiving a hard copy flyer in your mailbox.


Use Vine to send inner-office messages. Does a member of the team have a birthday? Send a birthday greeting by Vine. You can also create quick how-to’s on using new office equipment.

Delineating Services

If your organization has a variety of programs and services, you can offer visitors to your website a short Vine clip on each one to not only engage the public but to give them a quick idea of what you’re all about. It has been said that a person has about 10 seconds to make a first impression (one that sticks!). A well-crafted Vine clip on a service will stay in the minds of your potential audiences long after a Facebook status update, for instance.

Event Invite

Having a special event with a VIP speaker – whether David Milberg, a celebrity or someone else? Send a Vine invitation. Vine is still young enough to intrigue, which means you’re likely to get a terrific response.

Donor/Volunteer Feedback

Think soundbytes and you’ve got Vine perfectly pegged.  Use Vine for broadcasting the positive experiences of your donors and volunteers in helping your organization.