April 20, 2024

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Using Short Videos for Brand Marketing

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Without ever getting into YouTube, you can do short videos on several social media sites. On Vine, they last six seconds, Instagram they are 15 seconds, and on Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook the videos can be as long as 2-3 minutes. Once videos are created, they can also be pinned on Pinterest.

You don’t need expensive camera equipment, though it will add to the quality if you do use something different than you smartphone camera. It should do a decent job until you have the funds to invest in something better.

Short videos are like a dessert or snack, just enough to satisfy and not so much that in the middle you’ve had enough and are trying to figure out how to end it sooner rather than later. And getting the story or information visually is almost always preferred to reading about it.

Video options

Many short videos posted by individuals or small businesses capture in a moment how to prepare a complete and yummy looking meal or a quick hack for daily tasks. Fitness gurus might do a one-minute video showing a quick exercise move and various levels it can be performed, or they might share 10 ways to enhance a glass of water with veggies and fruits.

They aren’t necessarily selling a product directly, more allowing followers to become acquainted with them and what types of things they offer. Try using the app PicPostPlay, it allows you to do split screen videos and include sound. You can even do several videos showing a progression of moves or as in the fitness videos possibly the different levels ranging from beginners to pros.

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Other ways to use short videos for your business include, showing a behind the scenes look at your company, or an interview with the CEO. You can highlight skills and talents offered by you or let people know about a new product or brand you offer. You can even feature an upcoming event like a new location being opened, or a non-profit cause you support or host. Dream up your own uses and start filming.

Here are a few tools you might try that won’t break the budget and make the process fun to explore.

·       Instagram has their own built in video tool to set your video apart, or give all of them the same filters, so you create a distinctive brand look.

·       Videohance is an easy to use app allowing you to add text, borders, music, light leaks, and other effects.

·       Stop Motion app and the Stop-Motion Lite app allow you to stop and start motion on a video making it possible to point out something and then move to the next place you want to stop action.

·       Adobe Voice isn’t about the view but the voice on the video. You can turn your videos into animated ones in just a few minutes. Tell your story in short sentences then add the images, photos, text, sounds, or animation – you can do it on iPad.

Now it’s all up to you, go out and try some new things. What’s great about digital video, there’s no extra charge if it takes you several tries.

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