April 21, 2024

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Marketing to Millennials with Pets

Millennials with Pets

Millennials have recently overtaken baby boomers in pet ownership, creating a whole new approach to marketing to pets. With Millennials delaying the addition of children to their families, more are opting to own pets. People between 20 to 34 are more likely to spend more money on their beloved pets, with more spur of the moment spending on toys and treats for those special pets.

Pets Are Like Babies

This generation more than any other generation will buy holiday presents for their animals.  Christmas time is a big opportunity for them to buy multiple presents for their “babies”.  Nothing is too good for their beloved fur babies. As a result, they are more likely to spend more money.  Recognizing this, Purina now offers customized dog food to meet the dogs nutrition, dietary needs, and preferences. With this customized food the dog’s name can be added to the package. So little Fifi can have her own individualized brand of dog food.

Millennials do not have a specific loyalty to brands, unlike previous generations.


Generation Differences 

Gen Y groups are prone to spoil their pets, buying specialized dog foods, such as organic foods, grain- free and designer food. Petco recently started offering pet nutritionists to the public generated by Millennials’ need to offer the very best to their pets.

Social media is extremely important to Gen Y, it gives them a great opportunity to share and find new brands, as well as the chance to share pictures of their pets. Social media is a fantastic tool for Public Relations allowing PR firms to keep on top of trends and new and fresh ways to approach Millennials.

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Causes are very important to individuals between 20-34, they look at products closely looking at options and how that relates to causes important to them, and still give Fido the very best. Companies that support nonprofit causes can score major points with this group as they like to feel they are giving back to society, such as donating food to The Humane Society.

It is important to note this group is more likely to purchase pet insurance and take their pet to the vet frequently, but opt to buy natural medicines for their animals.