July 23, 2024

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Effective Marketing Strategies for New Businesses

Having strong marketing strategies in this day and age is more important than ever, especially for new companies. Employing marketing strategies with social media is just as important because all platforms together have over a billion users, which have turned these platforms into a world of their own.

Digital marketing specifically is essential for new businesses these days, and plenty of businesses end up having trouble getting off the ground because  they don’t have an effective marketing strategy– especially one that encompasses social media platforms.

Identifying Marketing Channels

One of the first things that any new business should be identifying is the best marketing channels . Some of the major channels are social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many others.

There are also a number of other niche social media platforms that can benefit companies, such as Ravelry, Dribble, Inbound, and others. However, before pursuing strategies and campaigns on any platform, it’s important for companies to first determine the preferred platforms of the target audience.

Then, the company should create a short list with a handful of relevant platforms that the target audience also utilizes, and create marketing campaigns specifically tailored for them.

Live Video Streams

According to recent studies and reports, video content is more popular than ever, and that goes hand in hand with live video streams. They have a significantly larger engagement rate compared to other types of content, which means companies can benefit from utilizing live video streams in their marketing campaigns and strategies. Through live video streams, companies can directly interact with the target audience and benefit from live reviews and comments from consumers, while also building a stronger relationship and more trust with the audience.

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Visually Attractive Content

Aside from video content, any other types of visual content can also greatly benefit companies, as this type of content generates a lot of attention from target audiences and consumers. Visual content such as photos or infographics can quickly grab the attention of the target audience and engage consumers. To achieve the goal of getting the right attention, the visual content should first and foremost be visually attractive as well as engaging and creative.

Mobile Marketing

These days consumers prefer accessing social media platforms and the internet in general through their mobile devices, such as through smartphones or tablets. That means companies have to cater to those consumers by creating content and websites that are mobile-friendly.

Aside from content and websites, companies can also benefit from creating mobile-based marketing campaigns across platforms, such as by using interactive ads or with the help of live video streaming.

According to companies that have carried out such campaigns, they benefit from increased engagement and brand mention which generates brand awareness.

Tracking Data

It’s always important for companies to keep a close eye on performance by using relevant metrics and measurements when executing campaigns. However, it’s just as important that companies keep track of audience demographics as well as interest and pain points for the consumers.

This way, companies can learn more about the audience and decide when and what to share.

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