April 21, 2024

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Brands Communicating Their Values

These days, many consumers are willing to support companies that share their own values. Not only that, but many employees prefer to work at companies that have similar values to their own, which leads to better employee culture.

When a company is able to effectively communicate its values to the public, it benefits from building better relationships with its consumers, employees, as well as investors or stakeholders.

This also shows that the brand is authentic, and consumers are a lot more likely to make purchases from companies that showcase their values proudly through both words and actions.

Brand Purpose

One of the fundamental elements of any company’s set of values is the reason why the company exists in the first place, or  the purpose of the business. Most consumers these days tend to support companies that strive to create positive changes in their communities.

Additionally, companies that are willing to stand up for important social or political issues that are important both to them and their audiences tend to develop stronger relationships with their customers .


Aside from stating a brand’s purpose through messaging, it’s important for brands to reflect those purposes and values through every single decision they make. When a company effectively communicates its values and purpose to the public, it should also have those values reflected in its actions, especially in the actions of the top leadership level employees of a company. 

Consumers will support a brand because it’s willing to take action on matters that are important both to it and to its consumers. If a company is only good at talking about issues, without taking any action to solve those problems, then consumers will quickly see through the strategy and stop supporting that brand.

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The next element in brands communicating their values to consumers is being consistent. When a company is continuously taking actions and promoting messages that align with their core principles and values, consumers are going to develop a more trusting relationship with that brand.

This not only demonstrates that the brand will behave predictably, but it makes consumers more likely to make purchases from that business because consistency creates preference with customers.

Once consumers believe that a company is constantly behaving in positive ways through its actions and messages, they are going to be more likely to support that company and turn into loyal buyers or even brand advocates.


The purpose of a brand is closely tied into the story behind why that brand exists, and that story is a collection of facts and emotions that a business is able to evoke with consumers in order to develop stronger relationships with them.

When a company is able to share its history–how and why a brand came into existence– it improves customer loyalty. This type of information is important to consumers because it serves to further highlight companies’ values and purposes to them. Companies can also further echo these values through consistency and demonstration, as previously mentioned.

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