July 24, 2024

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The PR Impact on Pet Tech Brands and Beyond

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In the dynamic realm of pet care, tech is swiftly redefining people’s bonds with their pets. From self-feeding machines dishing out meals on schedule to GPS devices tracking each curious step, pet tech is revolutionizing how we care for pets. 

But within this saturated market, just having a remarkable product won’t cut it. To truly shine and win over the affections and wallets of pet lovers, pet tech brands need to harness the might of public relations.

Crafting an image

Effective PR is more than just seizing the media spotlight. PR is about spinning a powerful narrative that resonates with the target audience, earns trust, and cements the brand’s position as a pioneer in the pet tech revolution. 

Crafting a positive tale

In the cut-throat pet tech arena, trust is king. Pet parents are placing their precious pet’s well-being in the company’s hands through its products. Thus, flaunting a dedication to pet health, ethical standards, and innovation is key. 

Product releases

Don’t just announce the latest automatic dog feeder. Narrate the story of how it aids jittery pups in maintaining a healthy diet. Spotlight features that solve pet owners’ issues and emphasize the positive change the product brings to animal lives.


Team up with vets, animal shelters, and pet influencers. These partnerships not only lend credibility to the pet brand but also introduce the company to new audiences that rely on the advice of these esteemed figures.

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Industry recognition and rave reviews are potent tools for building brand assurance. Use awards and positive press coverage to exhibit the company’s expertise and dedication to quality.


Share touching stories of pets benefiting from the pet tech, like a stray dog reconnected with its owner thanks to a GPS tracker. Emotional connection is the key to captivating pet parents and fostering brand devotion.

Press releases and media engagement

Get the brand in the limelight in relevant pet magazines, digital platforms, and pet-centric podcasts. Target media channels that mirror the brand’s philosophy and target audience.

Social media interaction

Nurture a lively community on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Share content that displays the company’s products in use, pet-related advice, and user-generated content to encourage engagement.

Events and sponsorships

Immerse the brand in pet-related events, conferences, and trade shows. This allows companies to interact directly with potential customers, exhibit their products, and enhance brand recognition.

Thought leadership

Position the company as a guru in the pet tech industry by contributing articles to pet magazines, participating in webinars, and fostering ties with journalists. Share the company’s expertise and insights to portray it as a reliable source.


Be candid and timely about any issue that arises, engaging openly and promptly with customers and the media. Respond to concerns directly and steer clear of belittling the situation.

Proactive engagement

Address customer questions and worries promptly and compassionately. Show that the company values their feedback and is committed to rectifying the issue.


Share how the company is addressing the problem and how it will prevent future incidents. Demonstrating a commitment to improvement restores trust and shows that the company takes responsibility for its actions.

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