June 14, 2024

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Growing a Business with Consumer Feedback

consumer feedback

Feedback from customers is something that has always been important to companies.

What has been changing, however, are all the tools and technologies that have allowed companies to collect feedback from their customers effortlessly.

Feedback helps companies understand what the customers really want, and how they can improve their products or services to improve customer experience.

To find out what customers need or want, companies need to have a process in place to collect and address feedback.

Collecting Customer Feedback

Traditionally, many companies overwhelmed their audiences with long surveys so they could collect feedback. Fortunately, these days there are many effective feedback collection tools available, which don’t require companies to ask their customers to put much effort into filling out surveys.

In fact, according to research, about 60% of consumers don’t want to participate in surveys that take longer than 10 minutes. That’s why companies should prioritize feedback collection strategies that attract customers and encourage them to complete feedback forms.


The traditional approach of getting customers to complete surveys still works, but in a slightly different way than it did in the past.

Companies need to give their customers incentives to motivate them to participate sincerely in surveys.

That’s why it’s a good idea to compensate survey respondents with non-monetary or monetary benefits.

Those benefits can be in the form of personalized offers or discount coupons for anyone that fills out a company’s survey.

Companies can also create in-app surveys by giving app users a prompt after they have finished interacting with a specific feature of their apps. Since these users have just finished using a specific feature, their responses will be a lot more accurate.

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However, it’s important for companies to remember that the reason the consumers are on their apps is to use those apps rather than to be bothered by surveys.

That means companies shouldn’t be giving their app users long-form surveys, and should instead keep their surveys short, with just a couple of questions.

Business Growth

Once a company manages to collect a decent amount of feedback from its customers, it’s time to analyze the information and generate insights from it.

One thing that companies can do is figure out the pain points of the customers, as well as the intensity of those pain points. All of that information will be available in the feedback if the company has asked the right questions.

Then the business can solve the problems that customers have, and improve their customer experience efforts.

Companies can also use customer feedback to figure out any hidden needs of their target audiences.

Customers don’t always know what they actually need, which is why it’s up to the company to figure out those hidden needs and convert them into wants.

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