July 23, 2024

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PR Implications of Jockey’s Revolutionary Bra Line

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As CEO of a fashion PR firm, I have been part of many discussions about how to market the only clothing item most women love and loathe with similar intensity. Bras. Ask any woman and she will likely tell you she has some she loves and a few (or more) that just don’t fit right.

Jockey is banking on that dissatisfaction with its announcement that the company has created a solution to that age-old garment issue. The company’s PR firm recently announced the result of eight years of research and development – a bra line with a whopping 55 different sizes.

The public relations rub here, of course, is in convincing consumers that the cure is not worse than the disease. After all, 55 is quite a few. Is the joy of owning a bra that “actually fits” worth the aggravation of finding that perfect size in the first place? Jockey is betting that their female customers are willing to take that bet.

Public relations challenges like this are not uncommon. They happen, in one form or another, every time a company introduces a new, different or “groundbreaking” product. Sometimes the market is ready. Sometimes not so much. In order to be successful with such a campaign, Jockey must take in account the changes in modern fashion PR.

For Jockey, early responses have ranged from “life changing” to “confusing.” If the company is committed to this new product launch – and eight years of R&D says they are – then they have to find a way to increase the former response while lessening the latter.

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Should Jockey invest in fit specialists like higher-end lingerie shops have, or will they trust their consumers to “know it when they find it?” The jury is still out on that one, but we have seen some interesting multimedia PR come out of this campaign. The current line is “happier, shapelier and more comfortable.” Certainly hitting all the right notes there – or so I’ve heard.

Will they stick with this simple and direct message or try some “guerilla tactics” to break into the market? Time will tell. Either way, it will be interesting to follow this fashion PR campaign as it develops.

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