April 21, 2024

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How the Doubling of Manhattan’s Population Can Help Any NYC PR Firm

new york city

I’m a New Yorker. I absolutely love it, and won’t let anyone else tell me different. I figure, if they don’t like it here, they can find someplace else to be or open their eyes to what they’re missing.

And what are many advertising and public relations companies missing about the place I call home? Well, once I tell you it’s going to seem pretty obvious. See, the island of Manhattan is a busy place. Yeah, sure, I know you knew that already, but stay with me here.

With a full-time population (1.5 million) that dwarfs major cities such as Phoenix, Dallas and San Francisco, you may be surprised to learn just how many MORE people Manhattan Island entertains on a daily basis. In commuters alone, we add another 1.5 million every single workday. And did I mention that those who live here don’t leave?

That means the daily population of Manhattan Island alone is well over 3 million people. Working people who need all the things that working people everywhere need. Goods and services to help them be their best, no matter what they do. Can you see the public relations potential here.

population of manhattan

So what is premier NYC PR firm 5W Public Relations doing to make the most of that opportunity?

Connecting with local businesses

Whom you know matters, but what matters more is how you can help those whom you know. 5WPR is dedicated to making friends in business and helping our friends be successful. Communication is not just what we do. It is who we are. And the essence of communication is connection.

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Reaching out to our community

I cannot live someplace without doing my part to try to make it better. Maybe it’s just me, but Ronn Torossian is more to me than just a name on a business card. What we touch we should make better. And if we have the opportunity to help, we should do so. That’s what I believe. So that’s what I do. Is that philosophy good public relations? Of course it is … but if you only do good for financial reasons, eventually it catches up with you.

Developing a strong reputation for success

Not only does what you do matter. How you do it matters. At 5WPR we have built our reputation on the success of our clients. That’s how it is in the PR business. If you do your job right, other people succeed. If you screw up, other people get hurt. That’s the business. Helping our customers find success motivates me because I know that their success is my success.