April 21, 2024

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Ronn Torossian discusses changes in modern fashion PR

Fashion PR tips by Ronn Torossian

Some years back there was a TV ad that warned: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” While that is true, when it comes to fashion PR today, as stated by Ronn Torossian, that first impression can hit again and again and become plastered on websites and shown over and over on TV programs.


Fashion PR tips by Ronn Torossian

This means that every single fashion decision could pay huge dividends or offer extended shame. No dress, new haircut or fashion statement is a one-off any more. That is why, at 5WPR, we work with our clients to answer a series of questions while we craft their fashion PR message. Before we go any further, let’s point directly at the elephant in the room: you will never please everyone. Fashion is subjective. So, too, is fashion PR. But that doesn’t mean you can give yourself the best chance to benefit from some positive fashion PR.

#1 – What is the message?

Fashion is a language all on its own. Each look speaks a language, and the places you choose to showcase that look determine the flavor of that language. Ronn Torossian recommends asking the following questions constructing your message: what does your look convey, and is that the message you are looking to send? If so, what words do you want those who notice you to use? They have to describe your look somehow. Make sure the words they use are exactly the message you intend to send.

#2 – What is the venue?

The appropriate look for the time and place is entirely dependent on the message you are trying to send. As for the venue, Ronn Torossian suggests asking yourself these questions. Are you trying to stand out and get noticed? If so, how can you use the combination of your look and the venue for the optimal result? Answer that question and you will be on your way to some fierce fashion PR.

#3 – To whom are you speaking?

In the end, it doesn’t matter if some critics hate your look, as long as they are not the critics you are trying to please. If you have a specific fashion PR goal, then you need to craft your message (your look) to speak directly to that market. The negative responses just help drive the message. Because each time they talk about it, more of your target market will encounter the message.