June 14, 2024

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Successfully Marketing Health & Beauty Products Requires a Seasonal Approach

Beauty Public Realtions

Obviously, the personal and unique tastes of women require different methodologies when promoting health and beauty products. However, just as important as making sure to focus marketing strategies for a diverse audience is concentrating efforts on a seasonal approach depending on the time of year. 5WPR knows that keeping our consumer health and beauty clients in the media and online spotlight requires our team to keep marketing material fresh. A seasonal approach to marketing health and beauty products accomplishes this goal throughout the year.

This time of year in New York City tends to bring out the worst for women’s skin. The air is dry, the weather is cold and windy, and the friction of wooly scarves is rough and abrasive on facial skin.

Smart marketers seize this opportunity to center our marketing strategy on beauty products that soothe dry skin that winter weather has made extra sensitive. Doctors recommend tips for skin during the colder months, and our team uses these recommendations to promote the products of our consumer health and beauty companies. This means keying in on the benefits of a client’s oil-based, non-clogging moisturizer or refreshing facial masque.

Of course, women change their beauty routine and go-to cosmetics during the warm summer months. They’re looking for lighter formulas for moisturizing skin, and they absolutely must slather sunscreen on their face and body. At this time of year, our team concentrates marketing efforts on the elements of client’s product line that feature weightless and clean feeling makeup. Plus, the humidity in the city can react negatively with certain cosmetic formulas.

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Beauty products will also reflect different color schemes at certain times of year. As a top New York PR company, it’s the job of 5WPR to take advantage of the trends that call for fresher lipstick colors in the spring. In the fall, we look to warm tones for eye shadow and blush. Our team takes hints from the colors that we spot in nature during these times of year, as well as the fashions on NYC runways. Keeping our marketing approach inventive means recognizing what trends affect the tastes of our client’s target audience.