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Brilliant Beauty PR: World Record Makeover

Brilliant Beauty PR: World Record Makeover

Effective beauty PR can be as simple as a single pretty face. But when you gather more than 400 faces, Good Morning America calls. On May 20, 2012, makeup artists sponsored by ULTA Beauty set a world record for the most makeovers in a single day.

Interactive global event is brilliant beauty PR

ULTA nailed its target market on the most popular morning show in the nation. Demand for its product skyrocketed. The only cost? Fewer than 100 makeup kits. Beauty PR companies across the nation took notice. Less than a year later, Mary Kay Cosmetics answered the bell in a big way. Mary Kay’s PR agency announced that on March 13, 2013, their world record attempt would actually stretch across the world. At this moment:

  • Mary Kay consultants in 20 countries are going for the record.
  • Nearly 500 women in these markets are being introduced to Mary Kay cosmetics.

Each makeover recipient is a potential new Mary Kay consultant. But Mary Kay’s PR agency is not done yet. The entire world record attempt hoopla was created to promote Mary Kay’s Global Makeover Contest. This is brilliant global PR wrapped in a well-planned, interactive marketing campaign.

In each release about the world record attempt, Mary Kay’s PR agency encouraged customers to send in their own Mary Kay makeover stories.

  • Fifty winners will be chosen.
  • Instead of a cash prize, Mary Kay will donate $5,000 to the winners’ favorite charities.

Beauty PR companies should take note of the interactive nature of this PR effort. Mary Kay will donate $250,000 to deserving charities. In the process they will learn exactly what their customers care deeply about. In response, Mary Kay customers will demonstrate increased brand loyalty.

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