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Florida Official Facing Tough Questions After Misuse Investigation Revealed


Hurricane Michael carved a path of horror and destruction from Florida’s “Emerald Coast” and Big Bend regions north through several Deep South states. The path of destruction has rescue, utility, and cleanup efforts going around the clock to help people put their lives back in order. But, even as thousands along Florida’s coast are still picking up the pieces, at ... Read More »

Lyft Uses Election to Boost Public Image

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Sometimes in marketing, timing is everything. Other times, it’s about finding a niche need and meeting it in a way that catches attention. When you can do both, well, you get Lyft’s “Ride to Vote” campaign. Fresh off one of its best years ever, bolstered by a higher public image and its chief competition dealing with a string of PR ... Read More »

Samsonite Stock Plummets as Short-Sellers Attack

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Samsonite International shares fell drastically at the end of May this year after a short seller report from Blue Orca Capital suggested that the world’s biggest luggage manufacturer has poor corporate governance and substandard accounting practices. According to Blue Orca, the Samsonite company is currently concealing slowing growth through carefully-structured acquisitions and massaged accounting strategies intended to show inflated profit ... Read More »

A Look at How Rolls-Royce Defended Thousands of Job Cuts

When sales are not what they once were or what they are expected to be, companies generally face the tough choice to lay off workers. But, no matter how necessary those decisions may be, they don’t happen in a vacuum. Every time a major company is forced or chooses massive layoffs or pay cuts, it makes the news and triggers ... Read More »

Dove: The Brand That Lit a Spark for Social Change

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Many brands have talked about social change, but very few of them built their entire identity around changing the way the culture thinks about an issue. Soap brand Dove has done just that, and, by all accounts, has created an incredible success. Dove ditched all the conventional wisdom that women’s health and beauty products should be sold with an aspirational ... Read More »

Ford Announces “Changes” in Bid to Snag Automotive Buzz

With all the brands jockeying for position and attention, there’s a lot of competition for headlines in the automotive industry. And, with many of the current headlines focusing on alternative fuel vehicles and autonomous cars, the edge goes to the industry leaders in those categories. Brands that are falling behind in those market segments are faced with a dilemma. Try ... Read More »

Facebook Still Uncovering Troll Accounts

Fake news is all the rage these days. At least, it seems to be what most people want to rage about. From the Sinclair media viral video, to prognosticators on talk radio and TV news to ALL CAPS shouters on social media threads, fake news seems to be everywhere. So far, though, only one outlet has admitted being infested: Facebook. Read More »

CBS VP is out after Vegas shooting comments


Sometimes, all it takes is shooting your mouth off at the wrong time to permanently wreck your career. These days, though, it doesn’t even take that. You can harpoon an otherwise promising career path with a single social media post. It happens all the time, week after week after week. And yet, people who should know better, continue to make ... Read More »

Nintendo Gets Nostalgic and Strikes Gold Again

This time last year, millions of gamers who grew up in the 80s and 90s were desperate to get their hands on the NES Classic, a mini edition of the Nintendo Entertainment System, equipped with some of that platform’s top games. Nintendo quickly sold out, and fans searched stores and the internet in vain for a chance to get their ... Read More »

After 27 Years, The Muppets Hire a New Kermit

After 27 years, The Muppets hire a new Kermit

For the first time in nearly 30 years, there will be a new voice playing iconic Muppet, Kermit the Frog. Recently, the Muppet Studio announced it was firing Steve Whitmire, the puppeteer who took over the studio’s most recognized Muppet after the death of Muppets creator, Jim Henson. Read More »

Bundle Battle May Write the New Future for Media

Bundle battle may write the new future for media

The secret to cable TVs success was not “all the channels.” It was the fact that cable providers could package and sell “all the channels” together as one product. Sure, customers could add-on “premium” channels like HBO or Showtime, but you were still getting stuck with a bunch of channels you probably didn’t want and wouldn’t watch, just to get ... Read More »

Volvo Self-Driver Focused on Trash

Volvo Self-Driver Focused on Trash

In the race for supremacy in the increasingly crowded self-driving car marketplace, some companies are betting on mass production and general consumer models. Others are chasing specialized applications, but few of them have taken the practical approach of Volvo. That company’s newest self-driver: a garbage truck. Read More »

Spurs Peaking at the Right Time

Spurs Peaking at the Right Time

Can the Spurs do it again? As of this writing, the San Antonio Spurs are set to square off against the Golden State Warriors in Game One of the Western Conference Finals. Nearly everyone is picking the Warriors to take this series. Most are saying they will do it in five games, and a few believe it will take them ... Read More »

Heineken Ad Shows What’s Possible on Social Issues

Heineken Ad Shows What’s Possible on Social Issues

A couple of weeks after an attempt at a socially-conscious Pepsi spot featuring Kendall Jenner failed miserably, drawing the ire of countless on social media and the disdain of media critics, Heineken knocked one out of the park, showing exactly what’s possible when you want to pair your product with a strong social message. Read More »

Facebook Announces Fake News Tool

Facebook Announces Fake News Tool

Most people agree fake news is a problem on social media. When folks pass around headlines without ever checking the sources, bad – and ridiculously inaccurate – news travels at top speed around the world. Now Facebook is taking action by launching a resource meant to help users identify fake news. Read More »

United Leggings Incident Creates Firestorm

United leggings incident creates firestorm

If the world needed another lesson in why not to freak out over something they saw on Twitter, we got one last week. After a bystander waiting to board a flight saw some people not being allowed on a United Airlines flight due to their clothing, she tweeted up a firestorm. Read More »

Monopoly Switching It Up to Stay Relevant

Monopoly switching it up to stay relevant

It’s one of the longest running and most popular board games there is: Monopoly. Forget all the countless themed versions based on TV shows and movie franchises, the plain vanilla version has been a staple in American households for nearly a century. Read More »

AIG Chief is Out

AIG Chief is Out

At its most fundamental, management is about responsibility. It all flows uphill, so, when you’re the big boss, you tend to take the fall when things go bad. Such is the case of AIG, the embattled financial group that has not been able to pull out of a nosedive since the worst of the Great Depression. Read More »

Dairy Wars Coming to Food Industry

Dairy Wars Coming to Food Industry

Go to the dairy section in any grocery store and most convenience stores and what do you see? Rows of milk, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt and … soy or rice? Yep. “Alternative” milk is taking over facing space in the dairy aisle, and some within the industry are not having it. They say “fake” milk is being intentionally mislabeled as ... Read More »

Can these glasses really help the blind see?

Can these glasses really help the blind see?

Star Trek is known for “predicting” modern technology. Everything from touch screens, to Facetime to smartphones were all being used on the groundbreaking sci-fi program in the 60s. Now, we use them in real life every day. So, it’s really no surprise that Star Trek predicted another amazing scientific breakthrough. Remember the “glasses” Levar Burton’s character wore in Star Trek: ... Read More »