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Facebook Announces Fake News Tool

Facebook Announces Fake News Tool

Most people agree fake news is a problem on social media. When folks pass around headlines without ever checking the sources, bad – and ridiculously inaccurate – news travels at top speed around the world. Now Facebook is taking action by launching a resource meant to help users identify fake news. Read More »

United Leggings Incident Creates Firestorm

United leggings incident creates firestorm

If the world needed another lesson in why not to freak out over something they saw on Twitter, we got one last week. After a bystander waiting to board a flight saw some people not being allowed on a United Airlines flight due to their clothing, she tweeted up a firestorm. Read More »

Monopoly Switching It Up to Stay Relevant

Monopoly switching it up to stay relevant

It’s one of the longest running and most popular board games there is: Monopoly. Forget all the countless themed versions based on TV shows and movie franchises, the plain vanilla version has been a staple in American households for nearly a century. Read More »

AIG Chief is Out

AIG Chief is Out

At its most fundamental, management is about responsibility. It all flows uphill, so, when you’re the big boss, you tend to take the fall when things go bad. Such is the case of AIG, the embattled financial group that has not been able to pull out of a nosedive since the worst of the Great Depression. Read More »

Dairy Wars Coming to Food Industry

Dairy Wars Coming to Food Industry

Go to the dairy section in any grocery store and most convenience stores and what do you see? Rows of milk, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt and … soy or rice? Yep. “Alternative” milk is taking over facing space in the dairy aisle, and some within the industry are not having it. They say “fake” milk is being intentionally mislabeled as ... Read More »

Can these glasses really help the blind see?

Can these glasses really help the blind see?

Star Trek is known for “predicting” modern technology. Everything from touch screens, to Facetime to smartphones were all being used on the groundbreaking sci-fi program in the 60s. Now, we use them in real life every day. So, it’s really no surprise that Star Trek predicted another amazing scientific breakthrough. Remember the “glasses” Levar Burton’s character wore in Star Trek: ... Read More »

Samsung Chief Arrested But Will It Matter?

Samsung Chief Arrested But Will It Matter

The Korean government shocked the tech world last week by arresting the son of the country’s wealthiest family, who also happens to be the leader of Samsung. The charges alleged include a corruption scandal that has ties to the highest political office. As with all scandals including the powerful and the famous, the country was glued to their TVs and ... Read More »

Can Under Armour pull out of freefall?

Can Under Armour pull out of freefall?

Not long ago, Under Armour brand was the darling of the sports retail market. The company was making a major push against industry behemoths Nike and Reebok, by winning major celebrity endorsements and grabbing market share across multiple market segments. Based on the performances of those top tier celebrity endorsements, Under Armour should be riding a wave of unprecedented success. ... Read More »

Mattel has a tough holiday season

Mattel has a tough holiday season

When it comes to retail marketing, the final quarter of the year is crunch time. They need Black Friday and the subsequent holiday shopping season to go well in order to keep their head above water and finish the year enough into the black to invest in new ideas and different initiatives in the coming year. Read More »

Hampshire College tries to have press arrested

Hampshire College tries to have press arrested

If you’re looking for a caricature target for both late night talk shows and 24-7 news blogs, look no further than the staff of Hampshire College, the little Massachusetts college that managed to become the laughingstock of the nation when it opted to remove the American flag from campus for fear of … well … no one is really sure ... Read More »

Marketing to Children Going 3D

PokĂ©mon Go is having an impact in unexpected ways – apparently getting 3D images to sell your product is a step forward and PokĂ©mon Go has proved exactly that. Well, when it comes to PR and marketing, a product that hits the way PG has, means there’s bound to be other companies working to find ways of using the same ... Read More »

Sports Authority Moves Toward Bankruptcy

sports authority public relations

Online sales are hurting big box retailers in just about every demographic. Sports equipment retailers are no exception. It’s tough for stores to move the inventory, especially the selective, higher-priced stuff you typically find in a sports apparel store and still compete with the internet. Just ask Sports Authority. The company recently filed bankruptcy as it attempts to figure out ... Read More »

Healthy fast food? Yep, they own that brand.

Food Public Relations Agency

The days of parents pulling through fast food joints without guilt may be over. A generation ago, parents saw nothing wrong with grabbing a bag full of nuggets and fries for the kids on the way from soccer to gymnastics. But since “pink slime” and “Supersize Me,” parents across the nation turn into the arches with at least a little ... Read More »

Pickups Losing Ground to Luxury Cars

Is America beginning to see the swan song of the all-American pickup truck? According to some reports, luxury cars are beginning to not only gain ground, but to surpass pickup trucks as the American vehicle of choice. But, not just luxury cars… FOREIGN luxury cars. Drivers are choosing BMWs, Audis, and other foreign luxury makes in record numbers. Even the ... Read More »

Just in Time for Summer: Barbecue Bible with Special features

Food PR Barbecue Bible

Brazilian grilling is a great activity for the great outdoors. Grilling is great because you can do it on your own or you can invite friends over. Either way it is a really fun time that can be enjoyed by all and a terrific Food PR opportunity. Whether you are a beginner griller or an experienced you can always learn other ... Read More »

HULU & Netflix: The War on Cable

hulu netflix cable tv

Some people expected flying cars by now, says Ronn Torossian  5WPR CEO. We’re not quite there yet, but we do have quite a few major advancements that have brought the future to us today, and a lot of those advancements come in the form of entertainment. Over the past few years, as cable TV prices continue to rise, more and ... Read More »

Ronn Torossian wonders which Colbert will helm the Late Show

Ronn Torossian Colbert Show

 It’s official! Comedian, and talk show host Stephen Colbert will take over for iconic David Letterman, as the new host of the Late Show. Ronn Torossian said, while the announcement surprised few, it did raise a good many eyebrows, and lead to some interesting public relations questions. Chief among them is the issue of branding. Colbert has made a name ... Read More »

Lady Gaga Goes Gross at SXSW

lady gaga public relations

What do you do when your first gag was to wear a meat dress? Well, if you are Lady Gaga, you become the meat. This may just be a lesson for what happens when you set the bar for customer expectation so high (or weird) right out of the gate. Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, the top pr firm in ... Read More »

Mid Season Finales Offer Prime Promotion Time

media relations television

The holiday season has always been prime commercial time for TV networks. Lots of people are watching, and, with holiday specials, lots of people are watching the same thing. This combination makes for a prime PR opportunity for both popular, and not so well appreciated programs on the major TV networks. There are a lot of reasons why the midseason ... Read More »

Don’t Tweet Dumbly !


Social media is one of the most convenient ways ever conceived to communicate with the largest number of people. The potential for PR, and for profit, is nearly endless. But there are some pitfalls. A lesson one young professional learned the hard way in a recent – and very public – firing. Her offense? Being incredibly stupid on Twitter. While ... Read More »