July 24, 2024

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The McRib NFT

The current craze with respect to NFTs as assets surrounds digital artwork. NFTs are an asset market that hit $22.5bn in the first quarter of 2021.

Each piece of digital information gets their value because they are unique pieces.

They are close relatives of cryptocurrencies and can be stored in a blockchain. This has been a unique and seamless way for artists to get their work to customers and get their rewards.

Since NFTs are not interchangeable, they are like collectible items. It is undeniable that NFTs are changing the future of trade.

McDonald’s has ventured into the NFT craze by issuing a limited number of NFTs that will allow customers to capture the elusive McRib sandwich all year round. The McRib has a boneless pork patty, transformed to look like a short rack of ribs, smothered with BBQ sauce and topped with pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun.

The McRib had been introduced in 1981 and had attained a cult status since then, as it reappeared intermittently on the McDonald’s menu. McDonald’s could have adopted this means as a way of bringing the brand closer to contemporary culture, aiming to find favor with young customers.

This limited-edition sandwich returned to the menu on November 1.

As a part of the celebration of the iconic meal’s 40th anniversary, the company is giving away 10 McRib NFts.

The fast-food giant has launched a sweepstakes to win the sandwich in the form of a timeless token. Random entries from the US will be selected, all of whom should be equipped with a crypto wallet for distribution of the McRib NFT. The crypto market value of the NFT has yet to be assessed.

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The campaign aims at getting Twitter talking. For a chance to win one of the NFTs, people have to retweet McDonald’s’ invitation tweet from their own public Twitter account, between Nov.1 and Nov.7. McDonald’s will choose ten winners by Nov.12.

Through this NFT, the brand aims to formulate a message that resonates with the youth. It would be yet another piece of art for the digitally native generation .

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