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5WPR Takes Those Healthcare Lemons and Makes Lemonade

Whether you recently moved to the area or have lived here all your life, you are aware that this time of year in NYC is well known for being the cold and flu season. This year has been particularly bad for vulnerable population sectors, as many parts of the country are reporting above average cases of cold, flu, pneumonia and other illnesses. At times like this, consumers will be flocking to drug stores and pharmacies to stock up on over-the-counter medications and other treatments.

The situation may not be ideal, but the cold winter months do offer an excellent marketing opportunity for our healthcare clients at 5WPR. If we can successfully take the lemons we’re dealt and turn them into lemonade, our client wins. In a way, the elements of timing and circumstance are simply following the typical supply and demand economic formula. The demand is borne of necessity, and the supplies of our clients are plentiful. It’s up to us, as their PR agency, to bring that product to the consumer through an attention grabbing ad campaign. Our clients are not the only companies that can offer cold remedies, flu medicines, cough drops, and tissues. Our team must ensure that the strategy makes our client rise above their competition, and turn the supply into profit.

A big part of 5WPR’s success as a PR agency is our team’s ability to understand consumer trends and taking advantage of crucial timing. With a worse than average flu season this year, our team is seizing this opportunity to maximize visibility for our healthcare clients to take these unfortunate conditions and turn them into profit. However, it’s not just our healthcare clients that stand to gain from our efforts, and it’s not just this season that offers the chance to capitalize on circumstances.

When it comes to our clients, our team is always on watch, probing all developments and news affecting their industry. These businesses know our capabilities, and consider 5WPR as their partner for cultivating a marketing course of action based on our team’s extensive knowledge and research. Combined with the necessary background and experience, a leading PR agency can utilize timing for the client’s gain, even under less than ideal conditions.