April 20, 2024

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3 Elements of a Top PR Campaign

Top PR Campaign

Everyday, countless press releases are submitted, countless public relations campaigns are launched,c and millions of brands enter the harsh light of the public eye. What happens next depends on an endless number of decisions, and moving parts. Many of these factors are completely outside your control. But, according to PR guru, and president of 5W Public Relations, Ronn Torossian, at least three factors are completely within your power to control.

Elements of Public Relations

 elements of public relations

Well Planned

PR campaigns are, more than anything else, campaigns. There should be an understood beginning, middle, and end. Each one of the steps between these parts should be planned, and developed to work together for the best possible result. Obvious? Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean people actually do it. Everyday, people push “go” on PR campaigns that are nothing more than wishes, and hopes with no effective directive.

On Point

Your message is your message. If you don’t embrace it, then who will? Your public relations must be tied and, in fact, defined by your overall brand mission, and message. Yes, Torossian says, you can reflect specific aspects of your brand, or brand message, but PR that does not tell your story can cause consumer confusion, and dilute your brand image.

Accurately Targeted

Your campaign should not just say something. It must speak TO someone. Target marketing is not just for salespeople. PR should be targeted as well. Implementing this standard will help your PR team think through, and develop the best possible PR campaigns. More importantly, it will help you dismiss ideas that will not accurately target the right market for your brand.

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While there is much more that goes into a successful PR campaign, Torossian says he has seen many plans never make it because they ignore one or all of these three basic points. For many, fundamental does not always mean foundational.