April 21, 2024

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3 Responses to Positive Press

positive press response

Everyone wants great press, but how many times do you hear people talking about what to do once you get it? Hardly ever, really. But, Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, a leading NYC based media relations firm, says there is a right way, and a wrong way, to handle positive press. Here, Torossian offers 3 basic responses he has seen, and which one will give you the best chance of getting a repeat performance.

Do Nothing

Sure, act like you’ve been there before, and maintain all the dignity you want to maintain. But, when you are honored with a spot in print, don’t just pretend like you don’t care. Whether you are a PR pro working on behalf of your client, or a brand trying to get some press, when you get some good coverage, you need to respond.

Act Like you Deserved It

Nobody appreciates an attitude of entitlement. Least of all the press. These guys work hard to give their readers the content they want to read. The fact that your release made the cut should mean something to you. Sure, you may have followed their submission guidelines, but that doesn’t guarantee you publication. Nor does your past record – or anything else. No matter how many times you find yourself in print, be sure to take a moment, and show some class.

Build Relationships

See, the right response to positive media relations goes well beyond just saying “thanks.” That’s just common courtesy. But positive press is an opportunity to make real, positive relationships with the people who gave you the good story. Reporters, editors, and other news sources are people, too. Saying “thank you” is a terrific BEGINNING to a conversation. But, Torossian says, far too many people treat it as if that is the END of the conversation.

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Relationship is a huge part of effective public relations, Torossian says. You need to know who you can trust, and build relationships with key people at the publications you want in your corner.