July 24, 2024

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Public Relations Strategies for Retail

In today’s consumer-driven world, most customers tend to see promotional messages wherever they look, that are trying to convince them to make a purchase.

This is what makes retail PR and marketing efforts a bit challenging because most retailers tend to fight for the attention of their customers and to generate more conversions.

Additionally, with the swift shift to e-commerce in the retail space, most businesses that are managing storefronts have been suffering.

In the last couple of years, most consumers have switched to making online purchases, which means retail businesses that have a store presence need to figure out different strategies to get more customers coming by their stores.

Window Displays

One great way that retail businesses can grab the attention of their customers while they’re passing by a store, and potentially draw them in is through window displays.

Businesses can show off some of their best-selling products, while also representing their brands in a creative fashion this way. It’s important to use color, mood, and lighting to the company’s advantage when looking to create attention-grabbing window displays.

Curbside Displays

Similar to the last point, curbside displays tend to function in a similar way to window displays with the fact that they aim to grab the attention of people that are walking past a store.

With a curbside display, companies get the opportunity to mention any ongoing or special promotions inside the store happening currently.

A great benefit of curbside displays is that they are generally inexpensive to create, especially if a business decides to use the standard evergreen options, such as promoting a regular sale or using chalkboard curbside displays that can be regularly changed up at a low cost.

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A great way for retail businesses to expand their reach is by collaborating or partnering with other local businesses. This helps companies connect with potential new members of the target audience, and build relationships with more people. One popular way to create collaborations for businesses is to pitch products that are going to be sold at a complementary business.

For instance, pet stores that have their own lines of pet shampoo can partner with a local vet and have the vet stock the same line of products.

Another great way for retail businesses to build relationships with other local businesses is by selling products that have been locally made. This strategy opens up a lot of doors to co-marketing opportunities for a variety of businesses regardless of size.


Every staff member of a retail business should know the inventory well and be trained in advanced sales techniques.

When that’s done, every staff member is going to be able to do the selling for the business, while guiding the in-store customers to products that they’re trying to find, or even pointing out products that could be beneficial, that the customers have overlooked.

In fact, if well-trained staff members also have access to an advanced commerce platform that clearly shows information about the customers, they’ll easily be able to identify potential additional purchases for each customer, which leverages up-selling and cross-selling and boosts the overall value of a single purchase.

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