July 24, 2024

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Extending Consumer Attention Spans

Scientists believe the attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds compared to eight for the average person. That goldfish had a longer attention span than people was one conclusion of a report by Digital Information World. Some observers blame consumer cravings for quick information and the growth of tweets, push notifications, texts, and more for the difference..

Results of a more recent test by Lambda Test validated those findings. The latest numbers were revealed at the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement’s 10th Annual Cross-Platform Visual Measurement and Data Summit held virtually in February 2021.

The report stated that half the mobile users in the study had attention spans of just three seconds. The latter number referred to the length of time mobile users were willing to wait for a website to load before abandoning it.

Today’s consumers are demanding and expect fast engaging media experiences. If they don’t receive it, the latest research indicates they’ll leave rather quickly and probably never return. This raises the stakes for marketers, many of whom executed great strategies to get consumers that far only to see them leave.

Plus, Google foresees 70% of all consumers using smartphones to access the internet by 2025. Here are some tips to maintain attention..

The first thing to do is to ensure that the brand’s website and social platforms are efficient and load quickly. In addition to that, they must be designed with mobile users in mind. An earlier article discussed what must be done to make it easier for smartphone users to easily view and navigate digital platforms.

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Identifying and reaching out to potential customers whose challenges, needs, or issues the company or brand can solve is one avenue of attracting new customers. Successfully resolving their situation is the next step that not only seals the deal but may result in a long-term relationship.

Share as much as possible about the brand or service on social media. But rather than pitching the company, share information that may instead be new and valuable to potential customers.

Demonstrate that the company or brand is the right one for them.

Try some novel approaches. For a B2B company, that could mean contacting two potential clients and offering a free consultation. For B2C brands, it might mean connecting with several potential customers and asking them to participate in a trial comparing two different products. Consider what kind of reaction the brand might receive if it sent consumers information that could improve their lives, eliminate frustrations, or satisfy other identified needs or concerns.

It’s always beneficial to stay in frequent personal contact with loyal customers. Where there are healthy relationships, ask for a recommendation on the company’s brand or services. No one and nothing speaks with more credibility than satisfied customers.

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