June 14, 2024

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Beauty Brands Turning to YouTube to Communicate their Message

Beauty Public Realtions

With beauty being a visual industry, it’s no surprise that the industry is turning to social video to engage with customers. The majority of beauty brands acknowledge that the use of social media channel is one the top sources of driving traffic to and from the site.  Where Facebook and Twitter once dominated, YouTube is now emerging as the dominant social channel.

Market Intelligence firm L2 ThinkTank reports that the influence of Twitter and Facebook is declining and that YouTube is emerging as the top social site for providing upstream traffic to brands.

Facebook still remains the largest source of referral traffic, but the analysis from the report suggests that its influence is declining to 71% in 2012 from 89% in 2011. And Twitter has fallen off the scale altogether, registering no upstream or downstream traffic for beauty brands, only referrals.

The vlogger culture remains strong and beauty brands are keen to get their products into a vlogger’s hands to review. The big beauty brands are retargeted their ads inside these vlogs, which is where the bulk of coverage is coming from.

A good source to help create the experience for these beauty brands is using a pr firm that has a focus on creating social engagement programs. Although there has been a drop in Facebook and Twitter, engaging on these social platforms is still relevant and should not be ignored.

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