July 24, 2024

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Marketing Trends for 2022

The pandemic has confronted people with many challenges. Some businesses had to be shut down, while others had to invest in their digital presence.

Marketers had to rethink their strategies, with new business models and applications of tech coming up.

The preferences of customers have also been changing, and marketers have been forced to adapt.

Marketers had to think of messages that would resonate, and had to choose channels that effectively reach consumers in a post-pandemic world. Given below are marketing trends to look out for in 2022.

Hybrid Events

Remote work is gradually changing to hybrid work. With marketing strategies being reinvented, hybrid events are a trend to watch out for.

A hybrid event brings together face-to-face and online interaction. It can reach millions of people who interact with the event from their mobile devices or computers.

During the pandemic, people already experienced live events from the comfort of their homes.

Some people prefer face-to-face interaction, and to cater to both types of people, hybrid events will be required. AR and VR will transform hybrid events into immersive experiences for participants.


Businesses will gain from using storytelling as a means to communicate. Storytelling helps marketers create a deeper connection with their audiences by evoking emotions.

Narratives exchanged between a business and its customers would be at the pace of the customer and not driven by a sales timeline. Marketing campaigns should include high quality content. Customers these days look for authentic interactions, and they should be given that.

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For instance, National Geographic always includes storytelling in their social media strategy. They use exciting images and post stories with them on their social media handles.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

More and more businesses will be adopting artificial intelligence to improve customer journeys. Machines are already creating content such as hotel descriptions, business reports, and stock insights.

AI-powered marketing tools such as Rocco suggest social media content that followers of a brand might engage with or find interesting.

Artificial intelligence can also send customized emails to consumers by analyzing their interests and reading patterns.


To stand out, a business needs to adopt audience-focused marketing. To win a customer’s heart as well as their head, personalized marketing is necessary.

Marketers have to use data and dig deep into it to identify and create relatable messages for customers. Customers provide a lot of information to businesses these days.

They answer surveys and fill out forms. In return, they expect brands to offer personalized experiences. They want to be treated as unique individuals with specific preferences.

Businesses should implement personalized marketing strategies that lead to customer satisfaction and result in brand loyalty. For instance, Starbucks uses a gamified mobile app to keep its customers engaged.

Customers can order drinks with the help of the app, and the brand makes use of information like location and purchase history to deliver personalized experiences to customers.

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