June 14, 2024

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Unconventional Marketing Trend in a Pandemic 

The global COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing and even while some countries and businesses are reopening, there are plenty of other ways that businesses have started to adapt to the new situation. Add to this, there have been many changes in the ways that consumers have been reacting to marketing trends they’ve come across. 

One of the platforms which have seen an increase in activity as well as unique visitors during the pandemic, especially with younger generations, has been TikTok. Although this social network was already growing for several months before the start of the pandemic, the number of unique visitors has practically skyrocketed in the last few months.

Not only has the number of unique visitors increased for this platform, but also the time that users spend on TikTok. As more young people have been spending more time at home, colleges and schools have been shut down. This has directly translated to them also spending a lot more time on mobile phone apps, and, as research shows, especially TikTok. 

Where consumers go, businesses follow, which is precisely what we’ve been seeing in the past few months since the start of the epidemic. More businesses that cater to the needs of young people have started promoting their products and services on TikTok. 

This is a platform that has allowed its users to share the content with other apps and websites too, such as Instagram or Twitter. This means that both brand awareness and traffic is ultimately going to be leading back to TikTok. Additionally, there’s no need for users to have an account to be able to consume the content that’s available on the platform.

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One Platform that can Reach Everywhere

 This is a great advantage to businesses everywhere, and those companies that have started marketing their services and products on TikTok have certainly taken notice. In fact, even the World Health Organization (WHO) made its TikTok debut back in February, with a video on how people can protect themselves from the virus. 

When it comes to marketing, out of the platforms that are available to people, TikTok has become a leveler between all of them. During a time when all other advertisement productions and shoots are put on hold, this platform has become the easiest way from brands and corporations to get traction and maintain public awareness. 

In a time of lockdown, with a significant lack of other marketing channels, social media platforms are on the rise. However, due to the speed of content creation as well as the ease of consumption, TikTok has risen above the rest of the platforms and has turned into the perfect space for brands and corporations and their creative marketing campaigns. 

Simply by making a short and creative video and sharing it on this platform is enough, because it can then be shared across all other social media platforms, without the need to create any additional content. 

Although it’s still on a rise, it’s clear that TikTok is a platform that is here to stay, and brands and corporations should all go to where the consumers have already flocked, in order to get most of the marketing benefits during a time of global crisis.

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