July 24, 2024

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How a Professional Writer Can Enhance Your Marketing

How a Professional Writer Can Enhance Your Marketing

Part of public relations is making sure that the correct message is conveyed about a business or individual. While that certainly takes a certain degree of marketing magic, there is also a hidden element to it that sometimes goes unnoticed: writing.

Think of it this way. You could be the greatest marketer in the world or the most astute and respectable PR firm. You could, to turn a phrase, sell ice to an Eskimo. But in the end, none of that matters unless you have the right words to present yourself, your firm, or your clients. And let’s face it…just because you are a PR master or marketing maverick, there’s no guarantee that you’re nearly as good with the writing part.

This is why most reputable PR firms are enlisting the services of professional writers. With writers, the opposite can be true; while they are great with putting the written messages down onto paper, some of them are lousy at marketing. Given these two extremes, one sees right away how a marketing pro and a professional writer can make a powerful team.

One of the primary reasons some stubborn businesses will overlook the services of a professional writer is because they assume anyone can sit behind a computer and hammer out a bio or a press release. But the extra bit of attention to detail and creativity a professional writer can add is something that has to be fully seen to be respected and valued.

Besides, a writer can beef up your business in more ways than you think. They are more than just the word geeks that the uninformed assume them to be. In certain environments, they can make or break a written message from your business that is going out to the world through the internet.

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A professional writer can provide a unique voice. They can bring a fresh flow and approach to your brand. As an outsider looking in, they are further removed from your business goals than you are, making them a great source to connect with an audience that you might be growing a little too comfortable and passive with.

A good writer can also add value beyond sending out external outputs. You can also use professional writers to improve the quality of internal reports, web copy, and newsletters. This ultimately improves communication within your business—a quality that most completely overlook when looking for the talents of a writer.

Perhaps most importantly, when you hire a professional writer you free up more of your time to run your business. The press releases and web copy are taken care of, allowing you more time to obtain new clients, run business deals, cut new PR strategies, and focus on the future.

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