July 24, 2024

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Tips for creating better landing pages


A landing page is any page that a customer can land on. It is generally created as a standalone page that serves the purpose of promoting a particular campaign. The page can offer something special, like a deal and in return might ask for contact information. It is aimed at delighting visitors so that they can become customers. An effective landing page is one that can convince its customers that it is worth providing personal details. Given below are tips to create a landing page that can increase conversion rates.

Use video content

Any business can benefit from using video in its landing page. The video content should provide value to its customers and can be an industry report or a video with a discount code inside. This would be great lead magnets and would also help to create a sense of exclusivity. A personalized demo video that solves a problem for a prospective customer will also be very effective. A video greeting can also help to create a close connection and build trust.

Give importance to color and design

A landing page pushes the visitor to a single action. This is what makes it different from other websites. The design used can be minimalist so that the visitor can focus on the value proposition. A simple design also emphasizes the key features and the calls to action. The color palettes used should be such that they help to guide the behavior of the visitors. A customer takes seconds to form a decision about a product and this is largely influenced by the color of the product. For instance, the design elements of the landing page of Netflix removes any kind of disturbance and encourages users to take action immediately. The headline of the landing page of Lyft is straightforward, and users know exactly what to do. The images used also lead to an emotional response. They should be of superior quality as a lot of people respond to images. The design should be attractive to the eye.

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Use compelling content

The value of the offer being made on the landing page should be conveyed quickly.The language used should be easy to understand and the user should have an idea about the specific benefits that they would enjoy. The headline should be compelling and the offer should be characterized by clarity. The content of the landing page of Airbnb stands out for its clarity. Users must be engaged in the first few seconds that they are on the landing page. The message should be concise and there should be no disparity between the headline and the following content as that would confuse the reader. The emphasis should always be on brevity as the benefits of an offer should be described succinctly. Imaginative language should be used for the call to action.There should be visual cues that point users towards the call to action.

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