July 24, 2024

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Retail Marketing Strategies for Increased Sales

With the help of a retail marketing strategy, retail stores can enable users to find the retail goods that they are looking for.

A retail marketing strategy is an actionable plan for how to promote products to attract customers and drive sales. A sound retail marketing strategy helps connect a company with customers and nurture relationships.

There are a range of strategies that a retail business can adopt to reach their audience, some of which are given below.

Attractive Window Displays

Sales are gradually picking up across various brick and mortar stores, and window displays have continued to be an important part of retail strategy.

A window display can do a lot for a retail business. With online competition faced by retailers becoming fierce, window displays are critical tools because they can change a passer-by into a customer.

Not only do window displays generate foot traffic, but they can also help elevate the awareness of a brand.

They are an important visual point of contact and reflect the atmosphere of a store. The right choice of colors for a display goes a long way to increasing awareness among customers.

For instance, a store that generally uses neutral colors and understated visual elements cannot suddenly use a neon palette.

Proper Utilization of Space

Making the most of the available marketing space is always a good idea. Done right, window displays and product shelves can enhance a brand’s image.

A huge expense is not always necessary, neither is a complete store overhaul.

Seasonal displays should be kept in the front of stores so that customers have the choice to go through new displays.

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Relatively inexpensive items like makeup, candy or electronic goods can be kept near checkout counters so that they can end up being impulse buys.

Promotion on Social Media Platforms

A social media marketing strategy is essential for all types of businesses. Social media platforms have three billion users across the world, and provide  retail businesses with opportunities to promote their products.

Retailers should use platforms like Instagram, as 83% of consumers take to Instagram to search for new products.

Keeping this in mind, businesses should invest in their Instagram feeds and create a consistent aesthetic, since most customers prefer consistency.

Facebook groups also allow customers to connect with each other.

Geo-targeted Ads

Location-based ads are one of the best ways to attract more people to a business. Geo-targeted ads are different from general ads.

They target the audience who happens to be in a specific geographical area. It increases traffic to a store. Retailers use geo-targeted ads so that customers can be instantly notified about offers and deals.

For instance, Urban Outfitters use audience filters so that shoppers can get messages based on real-world locations. The business sent push notifications about partywear to women shoppers who had visited nightclubs recently.

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