July 24, 2024

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Marketing for service brands

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A brand can become very popular not only by providing service but also by providing outstanding customer service. When the services of a business become its products, they can be marketed to increase reach. Marketing for a service brand is not very easy as a service brand provides value through characteristics that are not tangible. There is no physical evidence as such and convincing a person to invest in something that they cannot see is definitely no easy feat. Given below are some tips that would make it easier.

Build deep relationships

An organization has to build its identity on the idea that it will go an extra mile for its customers. As Elizabeth Rutledge, chief marketing officer of American Express has stated, the aim of the organization has always been to build deep relationships with its customers and have their backs. Yet another helpful tip is to consistently improve the existing customer relationships. The relationships should not be purely transactional. A simple call just to greet a customer or wish them on their birthday can go a long way. For instance, the membership model of American Express also goes a long way to build a sense of connection. The membership model results in a sense of community and access. Cardholders Feel that they are part of an inner circle and as a result they turn into brand champions.

Share values

Customers deserve value beyond the price that they are paying. For instance, American Express has an environmental and social strategy and as a result its customers are vocal that the brand is aligned with their personal values. The brand is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2035. This is the result of an organic approach to customer service. A brand should support its customers, greater communities as well as stand for diversity and inclusion. Such qualities resonate with customers and result in respect from them.

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Accept pre-orders

A service business should have a model that accepts pre-orders. That way it can generate a substantial amount of revenue. The website of the business can have a pre-order sales page and customers can be notified that a business is open for pre-orders. Pre-orders also help a business to assess demands for its services.

Earn brand loyalty

Showing enthusiasm at the first point of contact can be very effective. The enthusiasm should be evident in the social media posts of the business. Anticipating the needs of customers would also help to solve their problems. Decreasing the price of the services offered will not suffice, the focus should be on increasing value for the customers. For instance, two or more services can be bundled together. This is a better alternative to lowering the price. The best thing about increasing value is that a business can be creative with it. American Express consistently listens to what its customers want and updates its benefits. For instance, its new Platinum card offers additional travel benefits.

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