May 28, 2024

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Mixing PR with SEO: Ultimate Strategy for Digital Success

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For some odd reason, people always seem to treat PR and SEO as if they were to wholly different entities, completely unrelated to one another. For savvy businesspeople and web entrepreneurs, however, SEO and PR are regarded as being connected to one another. Efforts to achieve great PR while instituting effective SEO into your online marketing attempts can be the golden ticket to achieving success. Here are some strategies for achieving the utmost in digital success by blending SEO and PR.

Don’t Focus on Links – Focus on Content

The notion that link-building is the heart and soul of SEO is becoming somewhat antiquated. For years, marketers focused on building links, sacrificing quality content in the process. Providing your visitors with high quality content is a cornerstone of fantastic PR and marketing. The trick is to seamlessly integrate effective and researched keywords into this content. The finished product should seem absolutely devoid of any intentional keyword use, even to the eye of a trained web marketer.

Put Emphasis On Sharing

Older SEO strategies didn’t put much emphasis on social media sharing; after all, in the days of Myspace, having a strong social media presence wasn’t worth the time or effort. Today, however, social media is the heart and soul of both great SEO and PR. All of your efforts should be focused on getting your readers to share your content on social media. This is successful search engine marketing because it raises your online presence and it’s great PR because it raises more awareness of your brand.

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Encourage Reviews and Comments

You should be looking to raise your positive reviews on websites like Yelp whenever possible. Actual testimonials and user-created content that reflects your brand in a positive light is not only extraordinarily effective PR, but it works to drive more users to your website or blog. Great marketers have known for years that there is nothing more useful than a positive review or testimonial. There is no strategy you can take that is more positive than having a customer review you positively on Yelp. Soliciting those reviews presents its own challenge, but most companies and brands are willing to offer their customers worthwhile incentives.

As a marketer, you need to let go of the notion that PR and SEO are separate entities. Not only are they extremely connected concepts, but a good PR strategy is one that is linked to SEO and vice-versa.