July 24, 2024

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How to Market Your Mobile Technology Company


Mobile technology is technology that is portable. Any company that manufactures or sells a mobile technology device fits the category of being a mobile technology company. Marketing for a Mobile Tech company becomes crucial, due to the nature of their intended audience. These consumers are most likely tech savvy and do most of their research into new products on the computer. This is a huge opportunity to leverage where these people gather, to generate interest in your product, company or idea.

Mobile technology tasks are performed via PDA, cellular phones and laptops etc. Mobile devices have gone a long way from being a two-way pager and are now classified as GPS navigation systems, web browsers, video gaming systems and more.

Marketing Programs for Mobile Technology Programs

Create press releases

Press releases are one of the most influential and crucial activities that can be used as a marketing tool. A press release can be the first step in endorsing a new product or service.

Create mobile friendly websites

More and more consumers are accessing their websites through cell phones and other mobile devices. Marketers who optimize their websites for mobile search will realize increased sales.

Employ SMS (Text) alert reminders

SMS has a lot of applications that mobile technology can exploit. Alerts and reminders can reach and influence customers with text messages that are convenient and non-intrusive. Examples are when banks use technology to update customers about their balances, or when retail stores alert customers about available discounts.

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Leverage mobile applications

There is an app for everything and companies across the globe successfully use apps to increase sales and brand awareness. Apps can provide critical data such as account information and product information. Apps can also provide service to users who prefer mobile games, maps, music and social media.

Provide mobile coupons

Scanning a phone for 20% reduction in cost is a good thing to offer customers. Mobile coupons can be made available through search advertising, mobile websites and countless other ways.

Utilize SMS rewards and short codes

SMS rewards and short codes allow consumers to text a number and receive a free voucher for free food, a round of golf, or tickets to a local event and more. This method lets companies reward customers who participate in short code communications via SMS. These codes can appear on print publications, television, radio and billboards.

Employ QR codes

UPC codes and QR codes are similar in that they contain information that can be used to send a text, visit a website or make a call. QR codes on a product allow the customer to scan with a mobile device and link to a video, gather information or browse products on a company’s promotional website.

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