April 21, 2024

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A Clear PR Message for Lasik Doctors


For millions, Lasik Eye Surgery has been a complete life changer. No more waking up and struggling to find the clock, or read your phone, or make it to the bathroom without your glasses. In fact, no more looking for your glasses – period. No more worrying about losing a contact at the beach or in the pool, or forgetting your solution when you travel.

LASIK delivers clear vision safely, and effectively. And yet, tens of millions who could benefit from the procedure still worry about potential issues. They are so afraid, fearful in fact, that they are reluctant to even make an appointment with their doctors to talk about it. Ronn Torossian has some suggestions to help docs get out ahead of this message, and maintain control in the marketplace.

Why Public Relations and Lasik go hand-in-hand

For all intents and purposes, LASIK is a safe and overwhelmingly effective procedure. That said, are vision care specialists taking the initiative to control this conversation, or are they allowing fears, misinformation, and rumors to keep patients from coming to them for answers? What could these doctors be teaching their potential patients?

First, they could be talking about how safe, simple, and effective – thanks to advanced procedures and equipment – the procedure really is. Then, they could talk some more about how LASIK is often a permanent solution to vision issues.

But, how long will the surgery take, and how long will it take for me to recover? These are two vital questions every potential LASIK patient will have. And, if the doctors could explain that the actual procedure only takes about fifteen minutes, and they could be seeing better within a half hour, would more people be interested? You bet!

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And when it comes to questions, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Yet, too often, professionals are too passive in getting these messages out to potential patients. The idea here is to create and control the conversation, while encouraging the prospect to get every question they have answered.

If you offer LASIK services and are not taking full control of the messaging with regard to these aspects of the procedure and the benefits, then you are definitely leaving money on the table. Isn’t it time you reached out and connected with all those people too reluctant to start the conversation?