May 28, 2024

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Marketing Trends for the New Decade

Throughout the last decade, the technology industry has taken immense strides, which, in turn, has influenced and changed all other industries, including marketing. In fact, technology changes and innovations are happening so quickly these days that marketers are sometimes struggling to keep up with everything that’s going on.

Needless to say, staying on top of it all is a vital part of the job description, even though it’s no easy task. Additionally, while things in the tech industry may practically be changing in the blink of an eye, it’s always a good idea for marketers to have a few solid pointers as a way to know which way to steer campaigns and ideas.

Augmented Reality

In the last few years, virtual as well as augmented reality devices and technology have skyrocketed. There are companies that have already taken advantage of this marketing trend, with stores showing their clients how a new piece of furniture would potentially look like inside their room.

Additionally, according to some researchers, around a quarter of enterprises will be using some variety of these immersive technologies in their marketing campaigns in the next couple of years. These technologies are an excellent asset for brands, as a way to enhance the experience for their consumers, which ultimately will increase their sales.

Shoppable Posts

Social media and e-commerce have achieved immense growth in recent years, which is why brands – from startups to well-established names – have been using both as a way to maximize sales opportunities.

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With more and more social media platforms offering users the ability to purchase items directly through that platform, without ever having to open another application or even a tab in their browser, the risk that a customer will abandon a purchase is diminishing. Thanks to shoppable posts, any brand or company can achieve great success with their sales this way.

Personalized Marketing

Consumers have an excellent and innate skill in tuning out advertisements that they aren’t connecting with. Generic ads have practically no power over them, especially in the age when someone can easily fine-tune their online feeds and only keep up with what they find to be relevant.

That’s where personalized marketing comes into play – as most people find personalized ads appealing. Take note that there’s a key difference in offering a previous buyer more of the same product that they’ve already purchased, and offering them similar products that they’re going to enjoy or find useful based on their previous purchases. One of these two is not going to work: no one needs more cat food when they just got a 50lbs bag of it.

Captivating Content

Finally, in the whirlwind of technology and data, there’s always one grounding element that’s been tried and tested for many years and has proven countless times that it works, and most likely always will work: high-quality content.

This is an essential element to a successful marketing campaign, as it’s what allows brands to communicate with customers from a place of authority by allowing those brands to show their expertise.

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