July 23, 2024

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Keeping Up in the Spiked Seltzer Space

Seltzer Marketing

The market size for hard seltzer globally reached almost $9 billion back in 2021, and it’s continued to grow. Younger generations of consumers have turned toward these beverages with a low alcohol content in increasing numbers driving up the demand for hard seltzer. Additionally, the global pandemic drove millions of consumers of all ages to become more health-conscious, with goals of reducing their alcohol intake, another reason for the incredible growth of the market. That shift changed the consumption patterns of alcoholic beverages. The popularity of spiked seltzer beverages, especially with recognizable names, means smaller brands have to get creative to keep up with their big competitors. There are a few different strategies that smaller spiked seltzer brands can use to grab the attention of customers.

Unique product offerings

Back in 2018, there were less than a dozen hard seltzer brands in the US. A couple of years later, the number grew to over 60 and has continued to increase. Despite the growth, the most popular hard seltzer brand, with about half of the hard seltzer market share, comes from White Claw. To be able to keep up and even gain a competitive advantage, smaller brands have to turn to innovation, and offer unique products for customers and try to stay ahead of the demands in the market. Things like unique flavor profiles are a great way for smaller hard seltzer brands to grab the attention of customers and differentiate themselves from all the other brands available to consumers. Additionally, they can generate more excitement with this strategy.

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Clever packaging

Another way that smaller seltzer brands can stand out from this crowded market is by pairing their unique offers with clever packaging. For customers making purchases both online and in stores, fun and innovative packaging helps smaller brands visually stand out.

Whether it’s going to be in boxes or cans, it’s essential for the beverages to be convenient and visually appealing.  Companies should also keep in mind the fact that the younger generations of consumers in the market are looking toward sustainable brands. That means hard seltzer brands will have to figure out a way that they can make the packaging of the beverages sustainable, and be sure to promote it.

Engaging social media campaign

Another way hard seltzer brands can stand out from the competitive market with their spiked seltzer is through social media platforms. That means spiked seltzer brands first have to create an appealing presence on the right social media platforms, and then they can lean on their strategies including fun packaging and flavor combinations to inspire content Brands can also rely on these strategies to drive user-generated content. Paired with engaging content, influencer marketing, and social media ad campaigns, companies on social can help the smaller spiked seltzer brands stand out from their competitors.

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