July 24, 2024

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Unusual Food Products as a Marketing Strategy 

unusual foods marketing

To cut through marketing clutter and stand apart from competition, food brands are resorting to strategies as different as eye-raising combos and cutting-edge products that people may not want to eat, but they certainly make noise. Here are some examples of some of the more interesting food products that have been put into the market that drove coverage for the brands that launched them. 

Mustard Beer

Oskar Blues Brewery partnered with French’s to develop a unique product, French’s Mustard Beer. The partnership is symbolic of the coming together of two all-American classics, mustard and beer. The product was a limited release product. The original Tweet promoting the product may not have done well but the product went on to gain 23 million social impressions.  Although the beer had a non-traditional ingredient like mustard, it ended up being a bold, good beer. The mustard was also elevated with tangy lemon so that it could pair well with tropical wheat ale. The special product was supposed to go well with a loaded hot dog on hot days of the year.

Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream

Kraft and Van Leeuwen collaborated to make a product where comfort food meets comfort flavor. The product was creamy and cheesy and was made widely available through Walmart stores. The ingredients were thoughtfully sourced and the flavor was unique. The product was sent to influencers and geo-targeted ads were used effectively helping drive sales on the day of the launch.

Brach’s Tailgate Candy Corn

The candy corn mix launched by Brach’s in July 2022 included unusual flavors like hamburger, popcorn, and hot dog. Some of the candies had musty flavors while others were meat-flavored. Some of them had conventional sweet and fruity flavors and customers claimed that the candies acted like palate cleansers. Flavors like vanilla ice cream and hot dog express shared moments of celebration with family and friends. This innovation was supposed to take customers on flavor journeys and fill in the ‘autumn void’.

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