April 21, 2024

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How PR can Introduce a New Product

Preparing to launch a new product can be a complex process.

PR can be used effectively throughout a product’s life cycle. Its best-known use has been in the introduction of new products.

Products that appear to be newsworthy to the media and are of interest to the customer have the best potential for maximum exposure.

If a brand generates favorable publicity in the media, it will have a chance in the marketplace.

Publicity can help to build excitement about a product and receptivity to the advertising that follows.

As a result of coverage in print and broadcast media there will be an elevated awareness about a new product. Given below are tactics that a PR team can employ for the successful launch of a new product.

Product Research

Product research is important before the launch of a new product. It helps a brand to get a deeper understanding of not only its customers but also its competitors.

As a result of research, there will be pertinent information about who is buying a product, who is not buying it, and what motivates them to make the purchase.

If a similar type of product or service already exists in the market, product research will help to find out whether the available options meet the needs of the target audience.

Create Buzz in the Market

Masterful teaser PR campaigns can be built around a product to create buzz in the market.

A market need in the press can be established by identifying the marketing pain points the product or service is trying to solve.

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Survey results or internal data relevant to the key message conveyed by a product can be released.

Use a Press Release

The press release for a new product should be created in such a manner that it grabs the attention of media persons.

Relevant media contacts who would be interested in the product should be contacted.

There are PR tools available that suggest relevant media contacts based on the nature of the product.

The headline of the press release should be attention-grabbing and it should mention the product’s USP. The unique features and benefits of the product should also be included.

Develop Content

In order to develop content across various social media platforms it should be ensured that the communication strategy chosen is appropriate for the context and the target audience. The content created should lead to interaction and dialogue.

The audience can be asked to contribute to the content. They can take photos and record videos of content relevant to the new product and tag them with hashtags.

For instance, Tommee Tippee resorted to a PR stunt to get publicity for their baby wipes. Parenting help books were transformed into baby wipes so that mom’s could actually wipe butts with the unnecessary advice of others.