June 14, 2024

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Pet Marketing Isn’t Just for Pet Brands 

pet marketing

Brands are always looking to make an emotional connection with their target audience. Incorporating animals and pets into marketing campaigns is one way to do that –  after all, pets are a big part of our lives. Research shows that people form strong emotional bonds with their pets. This pet marketing approach can be an effective way for brands to tap into consumers’ emotions and build a deeper connection with them. 

Emotional response

One of the main reasons why animals and pets are so effective in marketing campaigns is their ability to evoke strong emotional responses in people. A dog wagging its tail, a cat stretching out for a nap, or even a parrot singing a song can create an emotional connection with campaign viewers. Pet marketing works well to reach pet parents, but other companies can use the same strategy to connect with this audience and increase brand engagement.


Another reason why animals and pets are effective in marketing is that they are universally appealing across all demographics; animals and pets resonate with people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. This means that brands can reach a wider audience by incorporating pets and animals into their marketing campaigns, and have the potential to build a strong emotional connection with a wider group of people.


Incorporating pets and animals into marketing campaigns can also help brands build a sense of trust and loyalty with their target audience. Research shows people view their pets as members of their family, meaning they’re more likely to trust and have a positive perception of brands that feature their pets in their ads. This can help brands establish a deeper connection with their target audience and increase brand loyalty over time.

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Memorable storytelling

Another reason why brands should be using animals and pets in their marketing campaigns is that they can help to tell a story. Stories that include pets are more memorable and engaging for audiences. Companies can feature animals or pets in their marketing to create a narrative that captures the attention of their target audience and communicates the brand message in a memorable way. 


Incorporating pets and animals into marketing campaigns can also help to increase the shareability of the content. Social media platforms are widely used by audiences across the board and people are more likely to share content that features pets and animals. This can help brands to increase their reach, visibility, brand awareness, and engagement with their target audience.

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