May 28, 2024

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How to Ensure Personal Wellness Products Are Eye-catching Online 

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Designing compelling product pages is essential for showcasing health and wellness products and driving conversions. Below, we explore ten tips to help you create eye-catching and effective product pages. There are a few strategies that companies can use to make sure the personal wellness products they’re selling are eye-catching online.

Easy Navigation

To ensure a seamless user experience, personal wellness companies need to design a website or app with easy navigation. That means creating a clear hierarchy of categories and subcategories and strategically arranging and grouping the wellness products. Brands should also implement a user-friendly interface with smart search and filter options to facilitate effortless product discovery.

Typeface and Color Palette

Colors and fonts significantly impact the visual appeal of health and wellness product pages. While maintaining the brand’s theme, companies can experiment with colors and fonts to create an engaging atmosphere. Choose colors that complement the product images and make them more appealing. Select fonts that emphasize the most important content, using bold text or highlighting techniques for emphasis.

Clean Page Design

Wellness companies should adopt a minimalist approach when designing product pages. Avoid cluttering the page with excessive elements and text. Embrace white space to provide a clean and visually appealing layout. Each content and design element should have enough breathing room to stand out. Consider displaying several product images individually or inside a slide for a cohesive presentation.

Product details

Compelling product details and descriptions can greatly influence the perception of the consumers of wellness products. Craft concise but impactful copy. Begin with a catchy title that grabs the attention of the consumers and resonates with their needs. Incorporate relevant keywords and tags to enhance discoverability. Provide essential information such as price, stock availability, brand and seller details, discounts and offers, quality specifications, customization options, handling instructions, and other relevant details based on the product.

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Having high-quality product images is vital for capturing the attention of potential consumers. Invest in professional product photography to showcase wellness products effectively. Utilize several photos to provide a comprehensive view of each product. Additionally, consider incorporating interactive videos to enhance the user experience. Ensure that all media elements are compatible and responsive across different devices and screen types.


Highlight any discounts, offers, or deals on the product pages. Clearly communicate these promotions to entice customers. Personalize offers based on factors like loyalty, average order value, and customer behavior. Companies should design their product pages and checkout process to provide a smooth and rewarding customer journey, fostering loyalty and trust.

Call to Action (CTA)

Well-designed CTAs are crucial for driving conversions on product pages. Ensure that CTAs are easy for customers to understand and clearly convey the next steps for users. Customize CTAs to suit the target audience and niche. For example, localize button labels such as “Add to Cart” or “Add to Basket” based on regional preferences. Place CTAs prominently, preferably above the fold and within easy reach on mobile devices.


Building trust is crucial for driving conversions. Include social proof elements such as ratings, reviews, testimonials, and user-generated content. Display genuine reviews from satisfied customers, along with real product images and videos. Provide data and evidence that support the company’s claims and enable potential buyers to trust the health and wellness products.

Product Suggestions

Optimize product pages by suggesting trending health and wellness products to users as they browse. Offer recommendations, alternatives, related products, or bundled packages that complement their selected items. Cross-selling and upselling opportunities can increase conversions. Create a sense of urgency and temptation by indicating limited stock quantities or highlighting the popularity of the product.

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