May 27, 2024

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Spotify and BeReal Partner Up to Add More Personalization to the Social Sharing App

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Spotify has teamed up with BeReal, a social sharing app that promotes authenticity. BeReal, launched in 2020, encourages users to post about their current activities at random times throughout the day. This collaboration is significant as Spotify is one of the world’s largest music streaming platforms.

BeReal users can now share their Spotify music while sharing content on the platform. But, the integration between the two platforms has more potential than showing what someone is listening to. There are many opportunities for further partnership agreements between BeReal and Spotify.

BeReal’s growth has been slowing down due to competition from other social media platforms. However, a new integration may reignite user interest and lead to viral moments. Currently, the partnership agreement is only available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia, but will expand soon.

Discover Weekly BeReal Integration

BeReal may use Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” algorithm to suggest customized music playlists to users based on their interests and mood. By connecting with Spotify’s expertise in data and music, BeReal can offer a more engaging and personalized experience to users. If a user expresses feelings of sadness or stress, BeReal can recommend a Spotify playlist with calming or uplifting music to help them feel better.

How Does BeReal Work for Sharing Spotify Playlists

BeReal is considering allowing users to share their favorite Spotify playlists on the platform. This would make it easier for users to connect over shared music interests. Users could tag their posts with relevant playlists, making it easier for others to discover new music. This feature could create a more interactive and social experience, building a stronger sense of community on the platform.

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Using Mood and Genre Filters

BeReal plans to use Spotify’s “mood” and “genre” filters to aid users in finding posts and content that match their interests and preferences. By selecting a specific genre filter, users can view posts from like-minded individuals who share the same music interests. This feature can help users discover new content and connect with others who have similar interests. This allows for a more tailored experience which can help foster deeper connections between users.

Curating Playlists Based on Trending Topics

Because of the partnership with Spotify, BeReal can suggest music based on trending topics or hashtags on the platform. For example, if a lot of users are posting about a particular TV show or movie, BeReal could create a playlist with songs from the show’s soundtrack or songs related to the show’s themes. This integration could make the social sharing app more engaging for music enthusiasts who are looking for new ways to discover and share their favorite songs and artists with others on the platform.

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