July 23, 2024

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How Brands Should Target Millennials

Millennials are the largest living generation, also known as Generation Y, and they do not respond well to hard sell and traditional marketing tactics.

They are known to make up their own minds, and share some characteristics.

With their avid digital presence, they have the power to boost a brand’s penetration and reach.

They respond positively to authentic marketing, where the emphasis is on storytelling and not on hard selling. They are a crucial consumer segment, and engaging them is challenging.

Their values and priorities impact their purchase decisions. Given below are ways that brands should attract this demographic.

Embrace the values and priorities of consumers

If a brand gives a millennial a great experience, they will be more loyal and discuss it with their friends. They interact with brands with a set of expectations.

Activism is important for them. Trust should be a priority, as millennials are sensitive about their personal information. Millennials should be made to feel that a brand has their best interests in mind.

For instance, Amazon has made it clear that for them, being customer-centric is a priority. It is their goal to make the lives of customers easier.

Demonstrate Brand Personality

A brand name should have certain characteristics which resonate with consumers.

A brand demonstrates personality when certain adjectives like trustworthy, creative, and caring are associated with it. For millennials, a brand is not just its logo or name.

It is important for a brand to form an emotional connection with consumers.

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When customers can relate to the characteristics of a brand, communication is easier and more effective.

For instance, Harley Davidson is a brand that demonstrates a personality that is rebellious and confident. It is not just a bike, it is a way of life.

Take a Stand on Important Issues

Millennials prefer brands that take activism seriously. The pandemic has also led to a sense of discontentment among them.

They do not want to face another global crisis, and are trying to fight back in whatever way possible.

They become skeptical if brands only restrict themselves to donating to charities. They think brands do so only to present a positive image of themselves.

They prefer brands that understand customers’ values and which are socially responsible. If brands do not mirror the values of consumers, millennials might even boycott them.

Being active on issues like poverty, social justice, and environmental issues is crucial. For instance, Airbnb provided temporary housing for approximately 100,000 people displaced from their homes.

They also managed to enlist the help of over 15,000 volunteers who had opened up their homes to the displaced population.

Use Interactive Content

Interactive content actively engages millennials. Interactive and stimulating content works better than traditional advertising.

Content of this type also allows a brand to understand whether their target audience has actually consumed their content. It also helps to collect data which can be used to optimize strategies.

This type of content includes quizzes, infographics, surveys, polls, and webinars.

For instance, Knorr could successfully capture the attention of millennials with their quizzes on favorite dishes.

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Millennials are always keen on trying out new cuisines and dishes, and for Knorr, the quizzes helped elevate brand awareness and increase customer engagement.

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