July 23, 2024

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Cheetos Goes Touchless

touchless cheetos

Brands have been noticing the powerful impact of directly connecting with consumers.

By doing so, they are trying to deliver memorable brand experiences.

Businesses are offering personalization and immersive experiences to increase their value of.

To differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace and achieve an emotional connection, brands are creating engaging experiences.

Cheetos has joined other brands to provide its customers with a private and immersive experience.

Cheetos Debuts at South By Southwest

South By Southwest, also abbreviated as SXSW, is a festival showing a collection of parallel films and interactive media. It is held annually in Austin during March.

Cheetos made its debut at SXSW with a ‘Hands-Free House’, an immersive experience.

The experience shows hands-free devices that are useful for people whose fingers are covered with bright orange ‘Cheeto’ dust as a result of eating the Cheetos snack.

The Broader Campaign

The immersive experience is actually a part of a wider campaign by Cheetos, which examines whether the orange dust has led to innovations like voice-controlled devices, hands-free vending machines, and smudge-free remotes.

The campaign also includes a TV commercial.

The inevitable orange-hued hands could also have been responsible for self-driving cars, robotic vacuum cleaners, and facial recognition technology. There has also been advertising on billboards in major cities.

The Hands-Free House

The hands-free House is an immersive experience that allows guests to explore how hands-free devices can change the way people live.

The house features tech-powered entry and voice-controlled appliances.

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Each room in the house has been designed to demonstrate how technology can help people carry out their daily activities without the use of their hands.

After exploring the house, guests can relax in the backyard and enjoy a party.

The party features Cheetos-inspired dishes, a hands-free vending machine, and some other surprises. There will also be unique opportunities for socializing and networking inside the home.

In the home, Cheetos fans will discover tips and tricks to design their own hands-free homes.

Brand Strategy

Cheetos has joined other brands to create a unique experience for their consumers.

The Hands-free House differentiates the brand from competitors, as it attempts to reach out to consumers on a personal level.

The house will be open for visitors from March 12 – March 15. Once the in-person experience closes, customers can explore the house online.

With an increasing number of brands making their presence felt in the metaverse, offering immersive experiences to customers is becoming an extremely important type of marketing strategy.

The experience will be a memorable one, and could lead to user generated content, as visitors are likely to share photos on social media platforms. The concept is exciting and futuristic. It will encourage customers to engage with the Cheetos brand.

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