July 24, 2024

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Creating Effective Ads for Facebook

Companies that are looking to create high-performing ads on Facebook need to take certain steps and avoid some common mistakes.

With the recent changes in privacy policies and regulations on Facebook, companies have developed concerns over the platform’s ad costs.

Fortunately, Facebook is still a great paid advertising option for many businesses.

One of the most important things that businesses need to remember about advertising on the platform is that the latest privacy laws only affect the way the platform can track its users when they’re not using the app.

After the user clicks on an ad, Facebook is no longer able to see whether that person ended up on the landing page from the ads in their buying journey.

However, that doesn’t mean Facebook isn’t targeting the right audiences when it’s showing ads from businesses.

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A few years ago a study was released that showed most users, when scrolling down their Facebook feed, scroll the length of the Statue of Liberty in one day.

That means they’re consuming a lot of information when they spend time on the platform, especially on the mobile app.

So for companies to grab the attention of Facebook users with their ads, they should include an image or a video in their ads, which will stop users from scrolling. If a visual grabs their attention, they’re going to read the copy.

Both the visuals and the copy are important in Facebook ad campaigns, but they have different objectives.

Most of the time, Facebook favors real photos, over-edited or curated images, which means companies can show their offices, services, or products in ads to generate positive results.

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When it comes to video ads, companies should use a textual hook in the first few seconds of the video, to get users to stop scrolling and pay attention.


The copy that accompanies a Facebook ad is meant to sell or pre-sell a product to a target audience. Once the visual element has stopped the user from scrolling, they’re going to look at the copy to find out the reason, which gives companies an opportunity to sell.

This is a bit different from past Facebook advertising strategies, where the goal of copy was to grab consumers’ attention and get them to convert.

These days, when a company pre-sells its offers, by the time a potential consumer opens the link in the ad to see the landing page, they will already be interested in making a purchase or signing up for a service.


Companies can use reviews or testimonials from past consumers to create targeted ads that address the needs of the target audience. When choosing which reviews to use in an ad, companies should be choosing specific ones that address the pain points of the target audience.

It’s best to choose reviews that can directly counter any objections or concerns that the target audience might have. This way, companies can create more effective Facebook ad campaigns that pre-sell a product or service to the audience, before a potential customer even opens up the link in an ad.

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