July 24, 2024

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Advertising and Mobile Games

Advertising and Mobile Games

Last year brought big changes for companies when Apple and Google decided to make the identifier for advertisers (IDFA) an optional choice for users.

Previously, IDFA was enabled on all devices by default, which made it easy for companies to measure the ad performance and create targeted mobile gaming ads.

The change meant that companies had to resort to more traditional ads such as video ads, pop-ups, and banners. It also created an increase in playable ads, which are similar to a free demo, where users could try out a piece of a game or app in an interactive ad.

Mobile Ads

Not all is lost for companies, however, as according to a recent study, some of the mobile gamers that have expressed their discomfort with sharing their data can still be persuaded to do so later.

In fact, about half of all mobile gamers stated that they’d share their data if they got more in-game rewards, while over 30 percent would share their data if a game had an easier option to create an account or log in, or if it offered special in-game deals.

Consumer Growth

According to research, the expected number of monthly mobile gamers is going to be over 150 million in the US this year, which represents nearly 90% of all digital gamers. Back in 2020, mobile game consumer spending reached $100 billion and increased to $116 billion the following year.

Meanwhile, mobile games revenue reached over $10 billion in 2020 in the US alone. In the next few years, user penetration is predicted to hit nearly 30%, as mobile gamers have reported to be playing mobile games several times each day.

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They also play mobile games over 10 hours per week, which is an increase compared to a few years ago, with the biggest demographic of mobile gamers being parents.

Preferred Types of Ads

More than half of mobile gamers have stated that they prefer to see rewarding video ads from companies. However, the popularity of other types of mobile ads is increasing. In the last couple of years, both playable and survey ads have become popular ad types with both companies and consumers.

With many consumers using their phones to play games, the state of the mobile gaming and advertising industry is only going to improve. The data shows that consumers are willing to see ads on their devices, especially if those ads are interactive in some way instead of being just simple videos.

Lastly, companies that want to collect more data about their target audiences can persuade consumers to share more of their information in exchange for something they consumers find valuable.

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