February 24, 2024

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Food Trends that are Changing the Way We Eat

Food Public Relations Agency

Long gone are the days of tuna noodle casserole and a steak and baked potato dinner. The latest trends in the food industry have been influenced by the numerous cooking shows on TV and the celebrity chefs that have made “bechamel sauce” and “carne asada” household terms. Novel cuisine dishes range from unexpected grilled cheese combinations to unique meats to ethnic influences that are fused with traditional American favorites.

And it’s not just what we’re eating: it’s where we’re eating it. There will always be the fine dining experiences that involve several tasting courses and a staggering wine list. But now gourmet diners are catching on, putting an unconventional spin on formerly greasy-spoon blue plate specials. The food truck craze that’s exploded over the last five years caters to the lunch bunch that wants to enjoy exquisite cuisine that they can hold in their hand.

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed a movement to take food from mundane meals to cuisine that is a unique and unusual experience. 5WPR represents a wide ranging variety of food and beverage clients, and our team is tasked with developing customized marketing strategies to capitalize on the latest fads in the culinary world. As a top food PR agency, we recognize that optimizing visibility for our clients means spotlighting these trends. For the restaurant client, we focus on the fresh atmosphere and exceptional cuisine. For our clients that produce consumer goods for the home chef, we emphasize the ease of preparation and outstanding flavors.

However, there are a couple of concepts that a leading food PR agency like 5WPR must apply across the board when developing ad campaigns for our clients. Our team knows that success means recognizing and incorporating only those trends that have staying power. It’s essential to avoid fads that would only serve to dilute the brand and destroy the credibility that many of our food and beverage clients have built over generations. In addition, we must be mindful that our strategies maintain the consistent quality that has made our clients household names. Even when we strive to capitalize on new trends for our partners, we know that consumers certain expectations when it comes to name recognition and reputation.

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