April 20, 2024

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Top 3 Super Bowl Ads According to 5WPR

5wpr superbowl

Super Bowl always goes out with a bang and last night was no exception. 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian was there to soak it all in with some clients.

The most memorable moment was the 90 second black out during the start of the second half. And Oreo was the one to take advantage of pushing their message via Twitter with the slogan “You can still dunk in the dark,” by the time the lights went back on the tweet had been shared more than 12,000 times.

Here’s 5WPR’s top 3 picks from the evening:

m and m commercial 5wpr

M&M’s “Red” with Naya Rivera

M & M’s Super Bowl Commercial with Glee’s Naya Rivera is one of our top picks. It’s a weird combination of sex with candy. Rivera gets frisky with the Red M&M “Red” as he belts out Meat Loaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love.” But Love turns nasty as Rivera and her friends start eating Red, but it’s his own fault for being so delicious.

doritos super bowl goat commercial 5wpr

Doritos “Goat 4 sale” Ad (Superbowl Goat Commercial)

This is an ad you don’t want to forget. If you buy a goat off the side of the road, you better watch your Doritos, especially the cheese flavored ones. This little guy was absolutely goat-hungry and was going to do anything to keep eating those cheese flavored Doritos. The screaming goat goes wild after finishing off all the Doritos in the pantry. Nothing beats a good ole’ Superbowl goat commercial.

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taco bell super bowl 5wpr

It’s a Taco Bell Party

This commercial is too funny. The oldies are usually in bed by 8pm, but this year’s Taco Bell commercial showed an out-of-control group of gramps and grannies driving, swimming and clubbing to the song “We are Young,” in Spanish before they hit up a Taco Bell to feed their nightly craving. Our verdict on this ad, reckless but very fun.

But the most talked about ad of the evening was GoDaddy.com. The commercial featuring Bar Rafaeli and a computer programmer geek locking lips left a lot to be desired and left many scratching their heads.  But we’re talking about it right, so GoDaddy got what they wanted from it.