May 28, 2024

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5WPR Helps Beauty Clients Keep Up in the Social Media Market

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It used to be the case that women found inspiration in the beauty trends they saw on the red carpets for the Oscars, Emmys and other popular awards shows celebrating excellence in movies and television. Others sought after the looks sported by their favorite musicians or artists. To a certain extent, this is still the case. The pages of print and online magazines are filled with images of actresses and other starlets.

These days, more and more women are following the trends and latest styles featured by popular boards on the social media site Pinterest. This online community is comprised of users that sort through the different categories on a virtual cork board and “pin” their favorite beauty looks, home fashions and other interests. Each user’s pins are shared with others that choose to view the activity.

At 5WPR, our beauty clients are focused on researching and developing the next trend that will have consumers waiting anxiously in line to buy. While they may monitor their Facebook pages, post a comment to Twitter and recognize the term “Pinterest,” they are not experts in social media outlets. Unless they’re in the marketing department, these executives in the beauty industry are tasked daily with analyzing profits, focusing on logistics, or reviewing sales forecasts.

Understandably, these clients are unable to keep up with the demanding duties required to manage a successful marketing campaign on social media site. They turn to a leading beauty PR agency like 5WPR to recognize what is trending among consumer interests. Our team knows that more women are turning to Pinterest to learn how to properly blend cosmetics or study tricks on makeup removal. While the importance of print and online magazines will not be diminished in the area of beauty, it would be a profit-breaking mistake to underestimate the significance of social media to the industry.

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But keeping up with an aggressive marketing campaign on sites like Pinterest requires constant attention and “pinning” numerous times daily.