April 21, 2024

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5WPR’s Home Design Clients Bring the Outside In

5WPR’s Home Design Clients Bring the Outside In

Every week lifestyle PR agencies are faced with incorporating the latest styles in home design into their marketing campaigns for clients. Like any top PR agency, the team at 5WPR has seen various interior looks come and go, and the more outrageous fads are the first to fall by the wayside. One of the newest trends in kitchen design and remodeling that promises to hold on for sometime is the use of unusual and rustic materials that are more commonly found outside.

Bringing the outside in involves integrating natural materials and pure elements, but the style incorporates more than just adding a wooden table and chairs to the room. This trend is more about river stone countertops and light fixtures made from tree branches. Taking the look even further, professional decorators and handy do-it-yourself gurus are even installing living vertical gardens.

Not surprisingly, integrating natural elements into a home’s interiors may be inspired by the weather we face during the chilly season. In the northeastern states of the U.S., the days are short and the cold nights seem to last forever. It’s only natural that more consumers want to sense the outdoors even in the dead of winter in NYC. Materials that you might find in your backyard and fresh, green plants go a long way to making urban spaces feel like spring.

Recognizing what consumers demand is one essential part of a successful marketing campaign, and lifestyle PR agencies like 5WPR need to coordinate with our clients to respond accordingly. It doesn’t matter whether customers are designing a living room, or remodeling their kitchen space, or updating a den. Certain strategies work across the board, but our team knows where to make the adjustments when applying tactics for different industries.

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The other key factor that any successful PR firm will utilize is taking advantage of timing on the latest trends. Right now, 5WPR promotes the concept of bringing the outside in at a time when many in NYC are sick of being stuck indoors all winter. A few months down the road, we will be promotion cozy wool blankets and the deep, rich colors of fall to welcome in a new season.