May 28, 2024

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Efficient Instagram Marketing Strategies

Depending on the target market, there are increasing odds that plenty of  consumers already spend a lot of their time on Instagram. The social media platform currently has over 1 billion active monthly users, and people seem to enjoy it because it has over 4 billion likes every day as well.

However, marketing on Instagram can be difficult for companies because the platform frequently introduces various changes to its algorithm, and those changes aren’t really to the benefit of brands and corporations.

Fortunately there are several efficient Instagram marketing strategies that companies can utilize to achieve success on the platform.

Instagram Insights

The first step in utilizing Instagram as a potential marketing platform is to create a business profile, which allows users to have access to Instagram’s Insights feature. The feature allows business accounts to view a number of different statistics about the account, including vital information such as the  number of impressions and data on engagement with the content on that account.

Additionally, Instagram Insights also shows users a detailed demographic breakdown  of the account’s followers, as well as additional data for every post that’s made on the platform.

Another great benefit to the feature is that the platform highlights the account’s top posts over a period of time, which can give marketers an idea of how to replicate the success of those posts.

Timing When Sharing Content

Although most businesses believe that the more they share content on Instagram, the more success they’ll have, according to research, that’s not the case. Most people get annoyed if they frequently see content from the same accounts posted at different times of the day, multiple times.

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Additionally, there’s no point in sharing content if that content isn’t beneficial to anyone. With the help of Instagram’s Insights, companies can learn when the best times are for sharing content with their audiences. However, one of the universal truths on the platform is that Fridays are the best days for sharing posts. Additionally, most companies should also stick to sharing a single post every day on the platform, and being consistent with the visuals for those posts.


One of the main goals of Instagram as a platform, for any company, is to use it as a tool to meet different business goals. That’s why it’s essential for companies to follow the right analytics that will match those goals.

That’s the only way that companies can learn how successful they are in meeting those goals. Every company that has a business profile on the platform has access to Instagram’s Insights, as previously mentioned.

The metrics that are most relevant to a company are directly related to the company’s goals.

Companies that are looking to increase their engagement should be focusing on the number of comments, website clicks, and saved posts. Those that are looking to grow the target audience should be focusing on the number of followers, impressions, reach, and their top posts.

Finally, companies looking to promote their products or services should be focusing on the number of comments, story impressions, and views on their profile, as well as website clicks.

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