May 28, 2024

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Small Business Marketing on TikTok

One of the biggest platforms that recently skyrocketed in popularity, TikTok, has been incredibly beneficial in promotional efforts for numerous companies.

It quickly turned into a platform that managed to launch both companies and influencers into the spotlight and allowed small businesses to see incredible growth.

Plenty of small business owners joined the platforms right before or during the pandemic and started showing the users on it various behind the scenes content of how they run their companies.

Many of them showed their viewers everything from how a product is first created and developed, all the way to the packaging and shipping processes, and the videos were all superimposed with captions that showed additional information about each part of the business operations.

From these small promotional efforts, numerous companies ended up seeing massive growth and increased sales, which then led to collaborations with notable influencers on the platform that reached an even wider audience.

In just under a year, TikTok proved itself to be a game-changer for a number of small businesses and startups, with people using the platform as a marketing tool for their companies.

One of the things that set this platform apart from all the others is the fact that it utilizes an incredibly strong algorithm that can make videos go viral very quickly. Regardless of the number of followers an account has on the app, any video has the potential to go viral and be seen by millions of people.

Furthermore, most of the time, once a video gets more popular, plenty of users end up sharing it across other social media platforms, thus, contributing to its vitality.

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This is uncommon for all other platforms, where the number of people that see each piece of content is usually relatively close to the number of followers on that account.

This is precisely what gives small businesses a market advantage, and the ability to even the playing field between themselves and other big brands on the market.

This also means that small businesses that don’t have a lot of resources for marketing efforts can get in front of a large number of people and get their attention without too much effort.

The benefit of TikTok is that small businesses can use an algorithm that’s based on a user’s interest and manage to get their products in front of the red groups of people.

It doesn’t matter if the viewers are looking to buy a specific product, or they simply come across some merchandise that is connected to their current interests, because the algorithm manages to identify every user’s interests and present them with videos that will be specific to their tastes.

In fact, the ability for a video to go viral has ended up even persuading some of those small business owners to turn their small business into a full-time business venture, and completely change their careers.

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